Ironman Louisville 2016 – Race Report

Good morning #fitfriends, Ironman Louisville will forever be one of my memorable experiences. I woke up around 4 am after having a pretty terrible sleep. I was truly terrified that I would DNF and let myself and my supporters down. I got up, went to the hotel breakfast area, made myself some oatmeal, and grabbed… Continue reading Ironman Louisville 2016 – Race Report

IronMan Louisville – Pre-race…

Hi again…. I left off with us arriving in Nashville TN. Friday –ย  We woke up bright and early, ย had a quick breakfast at the hotel and hit the road. Louisville is a 3 hour drive from Nashville, living in a remote northern Ontario town a 3 hour drive is nothing. We drive that distance… Continue reading IronMan Louisville – Pre-race…

Ironman Louisville Race Recap – Getting there….

Good morning ย Fitfam๐Ÿ™‚ Wow what a whirlwind my life has been the last month or so. The days and weeks leading up to IMLOUย seemed to inch along at the time, however now looking backย it seems like it just flew by. Here is the start of a race recap. I want ย to do the experience the… Continue reading Ironman Louisville Race Recap – Getting there….


Good morning #fit friends Cyclists are an interesting group of people. One website known as the Velominati has developed a code – 95 rules that must be strictly adhered to. To break a rule is an abomination. Rule number 5 – HTFU – Harden the fuck up. This pretty much applies to everything – Weather,… Continue reading HTFU