Are you Counting The Days?

Good Morning Friends, That is a quote we have seen often and came to mind today as I settled into my being present meditation. Today’s prompt: “We are all like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever…” I really had two main thoughts that I focused on with that idea. First, we often… Continue reading Are you Counting The Days?

A Homework Project

Hey There Fit Friends, Happy New Year!!! Swim Bike Mom recently put out a homework assignment for her readers, you can find it here. I love Meredith, I read her blog regularly she inspires me constantly with her journey to becoming an Ironman, with her raw openness in struggling with her weight, and alcohol. Her love… Continue reading A Homework Project

Good bye 2016, Hello 2017

Good Morning Fit Friends, Its late December and 2016 is coming to an end… Its tough to even know where to begin when looking back at my year. I’d like to say it was incredible  – Epic in fact. What I can say FOR CERTAIN is that I an NOT the same person that rang in… Continue reading Good bye 2016, Hello 2017