WHAT A WEEK! – Week 9 of 30

Good Morning!! I am all smiles this morning still riding the HIGH from my race yesterday! Last week was one for the memories books to say the least. Workout wise it was really chill. Coach Mike was taking it really easy on me to help my body reset from all the speed work. Low volume,… Continue reading WHAT A WEEK! – Week 9 of 30

Surviving Hell – Weeks 5,6,7 of 30

Hey there, The images that come to mind when I think of Hell Week are those of US Navy SEAL Trainees suffering through rigorous training exercises to physically and mentally prepare them for warfare. It is also the name I gave my speed block – 4 weeks of hard ass training before starting Full Ironman… Continue reading Surviving Hell – Weeks 5,6,7 of 30

The Secret – Week 3 of 30

Good morning friends 🙂 Everywhere you look there are posts telling us that there is no secret to getting fit: NO SHORT CUTS! IT TAKES HARD WORK, DEDICATION, AND CONSISTENCY “THEY” are correct! IRONMAN TRAINING IS DIFFERENT… Hold on don’t get too excited IM training takes all of those things but there is also a… Continue reading The Secret – Week 3 of 30