Ironman Cozumel – Pre Race.

Good morning Fitfam,

I know its been ages since I last posted. Truthfully I was beginning to burn out and really did think any one cared to read yet another post about how I was getting my ass handed to me day in and day out.

I DO KNOW however that people actually look for race reports to help them race plan. I myself spend hours looking for reports that might give me an edge on race day. I found very few on Ironman Cozumel so I think its important to share.

As with previous reports I’ll break it up a bit to make it more manageable to read. No one wants to spend an hour sorting through the boring details only to find that it was windy on race day.

So here goes …..



I signed up for Ironman Cozumel after my cousins Joy, Dawn and I decided to plan a girls trip. They were so freaking awesome on this trip. They made it an unbelievable experience.

Dawn, Kyla (Joy’s awesome daughter) and I met at the airport in Toronto,Ontario.

Together we flew to Cancun where we caught the shuttle to Playa Del Carmen. From Playa we caught a Ferry to the Island of Cozumel.

I wouldn’t recommend this route. Originally we had book direct tickets to Cozumel but West Jet changed the dates of their flights so we had to fly into Cancun.

While we did it and it was a fun experience it was a lot of work and stress dragging my suitcase and bike bag and carry a very heavy back pack around with all those stops.

In Playa we stopped at Senior Frogs and shared a Nacho plate and some margaritas.


I had told myself that I was really going to keep my diet and alcohol in check on this trip. I had worked way too hard for way too many months to blow my race because I had decided to tie one on with my cousins.

I have to say I managed that quite well. I did enjoy one or two cocktails a day, usually one during the day and one with dinner. I don’t believe that a small amount of alcohol will hurt your performance as long as you don’t allow your self to become hungover – AKA sick, dehydrated, exhausted.  Alcohol doesn’t help keep your weight in check  either but I was close enough to race day that a few calories from a glass of wine wasn’t going to do me in.

Ok back to our trip….

After a very long day which  started at 3:30 am, we made it to the resort in the evening.

We opted to stay at Sunscape Sabor for several reasons:

  • race hotel – this meant shuttles, bike mechanic, early bird breakfast for athletes
  • affordability
  • size – it was so small and personal

I have to say I was NOT disappointed at all with our decision. The resort was fabulous! The staff were amazing, the resort was clean. We loved the beach, there were always enough chairs and towels. The food was terrific, it was simple but delicious. I would stay there again in a heart beat!

We were quickly checked it and went for a bite to eat while we waited for Joy to arrive from Vancouver!

Finally around 10 pm she arrived and the 4 of us were reunited for what would be a trip of a life time!

On Thursday afternoon, after a lovely morning of laying on the beach we made our way into town to get myself check in.


The expo was a little bit of a disappointment. Even the Ironman store had limited sections and the tee shirts that I did buy were pretty much substandard in quality. Luckily it wasn’t my first IM or I would have been extremely disappointed.

I picked up a few pieces of swag, bike tubes and CO2 cartridges.

We then headed to Starbucks wandered town a bit and headed back to the resort for dinner.

Back at the resort i decided to go for a stroll on the beach. I happened upon a pier, not wanting to photobomb a wedding in my bikini. Who did I meet on that pier?? Monica, Trimama635, whom I had met on IG. We hugged and chatted, marvelled on the coincidence of meeting so randomly. We made plans to meet the next day for the swim practice.

This was shaping up to be an epic week 🙂

I met Monica bright and early Friday morning for the Ironman Cozumel swim practice at Chankanaab park. I will be totally honest I was TERRIFIED of the swim. The wind was strong and blowing right into shore, the rollers were huge. I told myself, you have to get out there, if its like this race day you need to be prepared. Monica and her family rented a car and she graciously drove us to the swim practice. As soon as we arrived at the park we were met my the race director who informed us the practice was cancelled. It was simply too rough. I was so relieved that it wasn’t just me being a total wimp.

We decided to use the time to explore the island and drive the bike course. The drive was absolutely breath-taking. The other side of the island was so calm, the water was like glass. We stopped at a small beach and did our own swim practice. It was so amazing the water was so warm and so calm, we actually stopped at one point to marvel at the fish and corral. It was everything I had hoped for!


After our short swim we continued on into town grabbed Starbucks, I love iced coffee, and Monica’s bike from Tri Bike Transport.

Lastly we did a tiny brick to get the feel for things.


That afternoon after the quickest showers possible we caught a cab into town for the Athletes Briefing which was very informative and entertaining! Even if you have raced a dozen times don’t skip this! We learned that we did not indeed need to wear our bibs on the bike, that sport bras were enough for a top, and our nerves were calmed.

Back at the hotel, I met up with my girls hung out with them then put together my race bags!

Saturday Morning I met Monica again and we took the race shuttle to T1 for bike drop off. We walked through transition to get a good feel for how things would play out. Then moved on to T2 for run bag drop off. It was a simple system, we hung our bags on a hook super easy to grab race day.


I retuned to the hotel for more beach and pool time, where Joy and Dawn were enjoying a few cocktails after their scooter ride.

We had a ton of fun putting on my Tri Tats, there was a whole lot of silliness going on. It totally helped to keep my nerves at bay.


In fact  this was probably the most calm I have EVER BEEN going into race day.

After an early supper, my cousins were super accommodating I headed to bed to relax before my big day!

To be continued ….




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