Time Out!

I have a love for all things social media …

Or so I thought….

I love the connections I have created with some incredible people from around the globe.

I found my Tri Mafia Family on IG,

“Met” my incredible coach on IG

Discover that I too can become an Ironman because of social media

Learned that limits were meant to be pushed and my idea of what I was capable of was blown wide open because of the wonderful influence of social media.

However, while I was busy pushing my internal limits I failed to set some limits in other areas…

My affliction with IG and FB started to become more of an ADDICTION.

I was constantly craving it…

Wanting to see what was going on in the world around me rather that focusing on the world that I was actually IN!

After spending severals days driving several thousand kilometers passing the time by scrolling, scrolling, and more scrolling, I decided I really needed a break.

I want to spend my free hours living life not watching someone else’s life.

I am going to spend the next few weeks giving myself a break. Detoxing so to speak from the constant influx of statements, posts, pictures, and opinions that held my attention.

I am learning to turn my attention to other things, to be ok with the quiet in my brain, not NEEDING outside stimulation.

I hope that after Thanksgiving I can return to social media in a more positive manner. To enjoy it properly without it consuming my life.

I want it to be a positive attribute to add to my life not take away from it.

Until then I’ll be enjoying this time out, filling my time with my family, my training, and well REAL LIFE!





One thought on “Time Out!

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