Recovery Done Easy

Hey Fit Fam,


Recovery is something I truly struggle with!

I can follow the plan with minimal issues for all my workouts but taking the time to properly recover – that I fail lat most days.

IM training takes a lot of time and prep work, by the time I am done all I want to do is flop on the couch or go to bed.

When I recently was given the opportunity to test and review a new product called the Nimble Back Beam, I jumped on it!


The Beam created by two Canadian women is simple to use, simply align the Beam under your spine and relax for 10 mins.

The Beam has been a great addition to my recovery as it is a relaxed passive form of recovery.

After a hard rolling session I simply relax on the Beam and let the tension from body release.



And I am not the only one using the Beam at home. My daughter Em, who suffers from a mild scoliosis and back pain has added it to her daily routine as well.

She find the Black beam to be a little too much for her back. Luckily Nimble back makes a softer “Gentle Beam” thats just right for her!


Want your own Beam??


Check out their website, super bonus its Canadian! No import fees!!

beam 2


How do you recover??



*disclaimer: I received the Beam for free from Nimble back to review and share. All thoughts are my own*




2 thoughts on “Recovery Done Easy

  1. I’m definitely guilty of pretending that being a couch potato post workout is recovery haha. I need more restorative yoga and rolling out in my life! The Beam is definitely a good tool and push to take recovery a little more seriously:-)


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