WHAT A WEEK! – Week 9 of 30

Good Morning!!

I am all smiles this morning still riding the HIGH from my race yesterday!

Last week was one for the memories books to say the least.

Workout wise it was really chill.

Coach Mike was taking it really easy on me to help my body reset from all the speed work.

Low volume, low intensity, one workout a day kind of week.

By Friday I felt fabulous.

My stress level had been pretty high lately with the girls writing their final exams and Rebecca prepping for her Graduation.

I had a really tough week emotionally leading up to her grad. Cried many times at the realization that it was over. She is leaving home in the fall to pursue her own dreams. While I couldn’t be more proud of her, it is still hard to comprehend how exactly you say “good bye” to your child and leave her 1800km away.IMG_7597

By the time her actual grad came around on Thursday it was pure joy and pride! I’ll save the tears for September.

Tim, Beck and I journeyed to Dryden, Ontario for their annual Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon this past weekend

They put on a terrific race,

A fast down stream river swim

2 quick loops on the bike with a few rollers for fun

And a slightly challenging mostly uphill 5 km run through town.

We left Saturday afternoon after my “long” run.

Had an amazing dinner at the Riverview lodge!


Beck and I did some shopping.

Then it was early to bed.

The race has a lovely start time of 9 am, thank goodness because even at 9 am it was only 9C.

After a very boring breakfast of oatmeal coffee and toast, I suited up in my team kit and we made out way to the start.


For such a small race, only 9 participants. there was some heavy competition.

Tri bikes, disk wheels, aero everything!!

I was rather nervous and very intimidated going into this race.

Speed has never been my strong suit.

Everything got racked.

Wet suits went on…

and into the water we went.

To say it was cold was an understatement!


The water was FREEZING!!

So cold I could barely stand to keep my face in the water.

Luckily the swim was fast and before I knew it it was at T1

Swim split 14:17

Here is where I really need to make improvement!

I walked up the hill (vertigo)

took off my wetsuit, dried off, struggled with my jacket  9C remember don’t judge me 😉

helmet on, glasses on, socks and shoes on…

Finally after way too long 2:40 I was out on the bike.

The first part of the road was a mess, gravel, and pot holes, I listened to my coach started out easy and tried get my frozen legs spinning.

Quickly we were out on the highway powering up hills and really starting to move!

The downside to this race for me is that it hits my weakness of bike handling skills. With 2 loops and 3 turn arounds I kept having to slow down to make my turn – something else to work on. I am also kinda wimpy around broken road and gravel.

Bike split – Garmin – 44:15

T2 – a little faster but had shoe lace issues – seriously need to get better at transition -1:17

Now this part is the shocking part!!!

My run has NEVER been my strength

The run had more than a few little climbs and a lot of false flats!


I pushed with everything i had, I couldn’t even feel my legs for the first 4 km, they were still frozen!



Total chip time: 1:26:19

Good enough for 2nd place in my AG and 3 overall female!

I couldn’t be more proud of myself!!!



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