Surviving Hell – Weeks 5,6,7 of 30

Hey there,

The images that come to mind when I think of Hell Week are those of US Navy SEAL Trainees suffering through rigorous training exercises to physically and mentally prepare them for warfare.

It is also the name I gave my speed block – 4 weeks of hard ass training before starting Full Ironman training.

While I most certainly didn’t undergo the physical and mental demands of what those great soldiers endure. For me – 39 year old Jenn – it was some of the most challenging and rewarding training I have undergone.

I like my zone 2 comfort zone – I can sit there for hours 14 hours and 47 mins to be exact!

The other zones – not so much… They Hurt!

They Hurt a lot.

Coach Mike took that hurt to a whole new level!

5 x 1000m sprints! – HURT

25m and 50m all out in the pool – HURT


10 mins zone 4 – 5 on the trainer HURT with a capital H

and thats just 3 workouts.

I had dozens of workouts like those over the past few weeks.

And they all HURT! They hurt so much vomit nearly made its presence a few times, and tears most certainly flowed.

But Along with all that hurt came



And Holy F*ck I can’t believe I ran 7:18 on that split!!!!

Only  a few times did I finish a workout and say – that sucked!

Only  once did I really feel that I didn’t “hit the targets”, but afterwards I learned that I did indeed hit the targets!!!

I learned so much about myself over the last few weeks.

I have ALWAYS considered myself to be slow and average at best.

Turns out with the right training I might actually have some untapped speed hidden deep inside me.



As for now I am over the Moon Happy to Be DONE with my Speed block.

I am more than ready for my Body reset (only one zone 2-3 workout a day!!!) and to start the long slow journey to completely my second Ironman!


Money Spent

Under Armour – new shorts and socks – $140.00

Tri-boutique – Fuel, neoprene swim cap, arm warmers etc – $161.00





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