The Secret – Week 3 of 30

Good morning friends 🙂

Everywhere you look there are posts telling us that there is no secret to getting fit:



no secrets

“THEY” are correct!


Hold on don’t get too excited IM training takes all of those things but there is also a secret to being successful with your training!

That secret is



I don’t mean being able to perform for young children, I mean being creative with your time, juggling your parental, spousal, and work expectations.

I recently was chatting with my cousin Dawn, she is a mama to 4, works full time and has a billion and one extracurricular activities.

dawn run

Dawn was sad she wasn’t going to be able to attend her dance class that evening, her son had a baseball game and her husband had a fire meeting.

I let Dawn in on my little SECRET… I did what I always do when faced with a conflict that gets in my way of my workouts. I problem solved. I asked her:

  • could someone else take W to the game?
  • could she watch a bit and then leave?
  • could she drop off and her hubs pick up?

Dawn was able to be CREATIVE with her situation and everyone got to where they had to be including her 🙂

dawn dance

People often ask


Let me tell you it isn’t easy.

I have to be CREATIVE

I have to JUGGLE

SLIDE and SWAP workouts.


  1. Early morning workouts while the family sleeps.
  2. Lunch time workouts when work allows.
  3. Evening workouts while the kids are busy with their activities.
  4. Sliding the workouts around to make it fit in the schedule.
  5. Riding the trainer instead of riding outside so I can be home with Olivia, I know parents who bring their trainers to their kids events so they can watch and ride!
  6. Get the kids involved! Rebecca critiques my swim stroke once a week during early bird lengths. Some parents run while there kids bike along side!
  7. Rebecca and Emily are a HUGE help, they babysit, chauffeur and really make a huge difference in my life!
  8. Meal Prep and planning to take a lot of the pressure off of us on weekday nights. Nothing is worse than coming home from a long day and having to figure out what to feed 3 hungry, busy kids!
  9. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!!! This isn’t a one (wo)man show!
  10. And sometimes very rarely saying – I just can’t do it today, owning that choice and not holding any guilt!

IRONMAN TRAINING is complex, its long, its hard, it takes effort both during the workouts and in planning the execution.

Fortunately I have great coach and a supportive family who understands exactly HOW IMPORTANT to me my training has become.


Week 3 of 30 


This was my second test week. I did a swim test that i have to say did not go well for me. I simply could not find my breathe and relax into it. I actually had to call it at he half way point as I was getting myself into a bit of a panic! I sat at the edge of the pool and regrouped and went after it again.

I also performed a sweat rate test and was supposed to find I am not  heavy sweater!


Monday – REST DAY – its part of the program folks!

Tuesday – Swim test, EZ ride

Wednesday – Early morning Treadmill run, lunch weights

Thursday – Swim drills and 200s, sweat test

Friday – weights (score for a light day)

Saturday – 2 hour trainer ride (Zwift TT) and 20 min Z4 run off bike

Sunday – Long run – stayed on zone 1-2 but it was long, my longest since IM LOU is October!



Swim: 3850m

Bike: 62 miles – 4 hours

Run: 16.65 – 3 hours

Weights: 2 x 40 mins


Money Spent:

$0.00 (well not on IM anyways but man kiddos are expensive!)




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