Plateaus – Week 2 of 30 IM Cozumel

Good day Fit Friends,

This past week was a tough one for me on many levels.

Coach Mike has me spending last week and this week doing fitness testing. He is taking a good hard look at  my zones and finally after years actually getting them right.

I know for certain they were completely off as I would hit Zone two while out walking!

This meant a very low volume week, for many people that would be a blessing. A week to chill – not this Ironmama. A low volume week has me freaking out wondering what the heck I am supposed to do with myself.  I did manage to use my time wisely, watched the hockey game with my dad, went out on a date with my husband, and more quality time with the girls.

While the volume was very low the work certainly wasn’t easy.

Tuesday night I had to perform an FTP Test – Functional Threshold Power test on my bike and trainer.


FTP is the gold standard of cycling – it is the maximum power you can sustain for an hour. Luckily the test isn’t an hour long. Rather 20 mins ALL OUT! How hard can you push and hold for 20 mins. trust me its long , its hard, you suffer! Your FTP is 95% of the Normalized power of that 20 min block. My Normalized power for that 20 min window was 189 W putting my FTP at 180. Which puts me in the “moderate category” on the power scale.

I have to say this totally disappointed me. I have worked so hard all winter, intervals after intervals, long rides, short rides, hours in the gym and yet I saw no improvement from February to May.


I gave that test my all and nothing, nada, zip, zero improvement – in actuality I saw a 1 watt decrease in my FTP.

It made me realize that I would have to do more to get better. But how??

I am already putting a ton of time in the saddle.

I needed to look at the external factors.

I’ve had a really rough couple of week emotionally – not a whole lot of sleep, a ton of stress, and really poor food choices.

I’ve gained about 8 pounds since February, which is further damaging as it brings my watts/kilogram even lower down the scale. losing those 8 lbs of fat I have put on will easily move me out of the moderate category and into the good category. Plus proper nutrition does more as an overall lifestyle than a daily one. You can’t simply not eat a cookie one day and expect that your body will respond you need to eat well EVERY DAY to see results.

I let myself feel sad for the evening, those feelings of disappointment were real and I was not just going to shrug them off. But I didn’t let them take over my life. I am using those feeling as motivation to get stronger.

I also know these things cant be rushed. I can’t simply work hard for a few months and receive off the chart results. It doesn’t  work that way. I also needed to remind myself exactly how far I have come in one year.


(Note I did not comment on my own post – that was my old coach who shared my log in lol)

Little by little I will progress.

There will be plateaus

There will be Setbacks!

What won’t change…

My desire and determination to keep pushing!


Weekly Stats:

Swim – 3200m

Bike – 38 miles

Run / walk – 13 miles


Money Spent –

$0.00 – YAY!!!


5 thoughts on “Plateaus – Week 2 of 30 IM Cozumel

  1. You’re doing some damn good work, Jenn!! Tough one when you don’t see the results you’re hoping for or when you’re struggling with emotions and stress. Your achievements ARE humongous (I love that word) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jean, i love that word too. I am really proud of the gains I have made and am the type ofperson who always wants to see improvement. Sometimes however that just doesn’t happen.


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