IM Cozumel Week 1 of 30

Hey  There #FitFam,

This time around I want to keep a detailed journal of sorts of my training and progress through the entire Ironman training season.

It may get boring but it will be real.

Many people think I must be crazy for loving this process so very much. When I look back and see the REAL results that I got from simply doing the work, how could I NOT LOVE IT!

I am not the same person I was a year ago.

yr ago

This time I KNOW that the hard work equals real results, and that drives me to want to push harder than ever before….

Maybe too hard!

This is where my new coach Mike McDougall comes in…


YES I know another coach….

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with different coaching organizations. I loved them all! However, something was always missing.

Tridot was terrific, however their full service was simply out of my price range. I needed more than a plan, I need someone to tell me what to do. At this stage its more like what not to do! I also have a billion and 1 questions and Mike knows me well enough now to be honest with me. Mike was a HUGE support system last year in prepping for IM Louisville and I know he will be my greatest asset this time too!

He is already telling me to slow down we have 29 weeks until race day, no reason to get all crazy with the training yet!


  • arrive at the start line injury free
  • finish the race with a smile
  • reach my true potential through smart training
  • Kick ass bike split – which should lead to a race PR


Week 1 Summery:

Swim – 4150m 1.5 hours

Bike – 53 miles – 3 hours

Run – 17 miles 3:15 hours

Strength – 0


Cash spent! (going to keep a tally this time around to see the true cost of triathlon)

Registration – $650 USD ( you don’t want to know the conversion rate!!! )

Race kit from Velocity – $410.00

Amino acids – $50.00

Zwift – $14.00

Total week 1 – $1124.00 – No one said triathlon was cheap!





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