Here We Go Again

Hey There #fitfam,


It will comes as no surprise that I have been bitten by the Ironman bug – HARD!

I absolutely loved training and racing a full 140.6


I LOVED it SO MUCH, that the concept of not racing a full in 2017 made me feel completely lost.

Sure I had 2 non-branded 70.3 races on my race schedule, that didnt fill my void.

I contemplated the whole SOLO Ironman concept – AKA I really long workout.

But that still didn’t “do it for me”

When my cousin Joy came up with the idea of a girls  vacation I quickly jumped on the  – – how do you feel about me racing on this trip???

Luckily I have two of the most amazing cousins  – Joy and Dawn – and they said “GO FOR IT! We would love to cheer you on!”

I quickly decided on IM Los Cabos – Joy loves Cabo and it seemed like an easy choice. Sure it would be HOT and HILLY, but I was tough.

Then reality set in… Could I complete such a difficult race?

And the timing was just not right (Both Dawn and I have kids with birthdays during the IM CABO race week).

An Ironman shouldn’t be chosen on a whim, it takes research and planning, should not be taken lightly.

After a little thought I set my eyes on Ironman Cozumel with its crystal waters and FLAT bike course. After a winter of hard interval training I’d love the chance to KILL IT on the bike, not just “finish” again.

The Cousins were all for in Cozumel… YAY!


And I registered!

Now the countdown has begun.

Training has officially begun,

and I am feeling WHOLE once again.



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