Are you Counting The Days?

Good Morning Friends,


That is a quote we have seen often and came to mind today as I settled into my being present meditation.

Today’s prompt:

“We are all like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever…”

I really had two main thoughts that I focused on with that idea.

First, we often have a tough day, where we are struggling and feel like that moment will never pass. A bad day, a bad week feels like it adds up to a bad lifetime. But that is rarely the case.

I often find myself drowning in life -kids, work, training, my marriage, social engagements some times feel as though they are piling up on my shoulders. Like that little butterfly fighting to fly in the wind.

Does that butterfly fight it?


Instead the butterfly most likely finds a safe spot to wait out that storm, to rest, to collect itself and then tries again. It doesn’t wallow in despair, but it doesn’t fight until the death either.

Like the butterfly when I am becoming overwhelmed I have to step back, take a look at my life, figure out my priorities, gather myself and go at it again properly rested and fueled.


The second thought, we feel as though we are going to live forever, we always have tomorrow to take that vacation, buy that new dress, snuggle with our kids.

Let me tell ya – life goes by quicker than you realize.

If I  am to be truly honest – I am struggling lately.

My oldest  – Rebecca – is just finishing her first and heaviest semester in her grade 12 year. Next Monday she starts her last 5 months of school at home.


We are so incredibly proud of Beck, who has whole heartedly discovered her passion in life and plans to attend an agricultural college in Alberta in hopes of fulfilling her dreams of working with horses!  While life is probably standing dreadfully still for her (exam writing, grade 12, cant wait to move away from home and annoying parents) the next months will fly by for us.

This time may very well be the hardest in a mamas life -I’ve survived it all – teething, first steps, first day of school, first heartbreak, first periods, braces, tough days at school, but this…. this is HARD! In those instances the tears were mainly hers, this time round they all belong to me.

I am fully aware that these are the last days we will get to spend with our baby, who is now a lovely young woman.


Life isn’t nearly as long as we would like it to be, whether you are weathering out the storm of a tough day or moving on to a new phase in life, it will pass quicker than you realize.

Be sure to make sure you make those days count rather than just count them away.










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