What I stand for….

Good morning,

As I posted just before the New Year, one of my goals for 2017 was to be more present in my life. To be mindful of what was going on around me.

I tend to be very stuck in my own head, my thoughts wander like a butterfly. Sometimes I can barely focus for 5 minutes without my brain wandering off onto another task. This can be a good coping skill when you are logging hours and hours on the bike trainer. But in real life situations not so much.

Take for example this morning.


I was reading about mindfulness in my new book – “Being Present” by David Kundtz

I could barely get through a few sentences of the intro before my mind started wandering on to having to call the bank to switch up Rebecca RESP contributions.

This is becoming an issue for me. I find I am less on task and more flighty than I would like.

That brings me to why I bought the book in the first place. Being focused is a skill I am lacking, so I bought the book in hopes that it will teach me to focus.

The idea of the book is simple. Each day of the year has a quote and some questions to ponder regarding the quote.

My task is to read the quote, read the questions, and spend 5 mins or so thinking about THAT topic. How it relates to me, my life, to become aware and focused on a specific thought.



I know that’s what I am thinking as I type this post… Have I gone completely off topic??

Not quite,

Today’ topic was about legacy. And is it important for the world to know exactly what you stand for after you are gone?

If you know me at all you know I am a huge lover of social media, influencing, inspiring, motivating others.


But what may surprise you is my answer to that question is NO!



Here’s my thoughts – the ones that came trickling to me as I sat and pondered the questions.

My thoughts and beliefs don’t really matter to anyone else. They only really matter to ME!

My personal thoughts are that EVERYONE should get out and be active. Feel what its like to push yourself to the limit. Feel the wind in your face on a bike. Feel the water move over your body as you swim in the lake. Feel your heart about to explode on a sprint  or hill climb and that high that comes with it. To feel what its like to pick a goal, something tough and realize it! To feel what its like to NOT QUIT!


But what I think only makes ME feel alive.

For someone else it that doesn’t make their heart sing!

Instead knitting a really cool sweater makes them feel happy.

Another person, it might be building a house in Guatemala, that truly makes them feel terrific.

So, should everyone out there know what I stand for??


But they should know what THEY stand for!

What do you stand for?



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