A Homework Project

Hey There Fit Friends,

Happy New Year!!!

Swim Bike Mom recently put out a homework assignment for her readers, you can find it here. I love Meredith, I read her blog regularly she inspires me constantly with her journey to becoming an Ironman, with her raw openness in struggling with her weight, and alcohol. Her love of her family but the reality that just because you love your kids doesn’t make parenting easy nor does it mean you must give up yourself to be a MOM!

Meredith asked her clients and her readers to do some reflecting on 2016 and to look forward towards 2017.

The task was simple enough just four short questions, as with all homework the more effort you put into it the more you  get out of it.

Here is my completed assignment:

  1. 3 things I did RIGHT in 2016:
    • I didn’t quit my family – it was tough, we struggled, I came so close to ending it all. I am not proud of that time in my life, I did things that I regret, said things that were unkind. But I also listened, made sacrifices, and believed in him and us. My biggest success in 2016 was keeping my marriage alive.
    • Followed my training plan – although I look like I have it together, sure I have it all written out, logged in Training peaks, menus planned, meals prepped, I am still a walking shit show a lot of the time. I have been known to wear 2 different shoes because I didn’t pack right, I am always looking for some piece of gear. The point of this is that I ACTUALLY  followed the plan, didn’t just write it down and then change it or forget it etc. I did was I was told and reeped the rewards.
    • The Rewards!!!! – Thats right my third success is that I hit all my target goals this year. Sub 7 hour 70.3 in Calgary, PR on my Olympic triathlon, PR on the Red Lake Road Race, Sub 15 hour 140.6 in Louisville and finally 4000 miles total swim, bike, run!!!  This only happened because of 2 things – my complete stubbornness and following the plan!
  2. 3 Things  I must Improve in 2017:
    • I need to be more PRESENT in life – That means focusing on my current task – my mind easily wanders. Listening more to my friends and family – like actually listening not just  hearing their words, especially with my kids. Spending time doing things with them not just beside them. I also want to feel more connected to what I am doing right now, how my body feels during training. I notice this when I swim but not at other times.
    • Put my Phone down – I have a great love of Social Media, but that really takes away from my being present. My mind is always wandering to other things and having my phone at my side allows me to drift.
    • GET FASTER! – I set a wild and crazy goal for myself this year. One that is so big I will likely not achieve it. I am going after a sub 6 hour 70.3 at the Liberty Triathlon in Minnesota. I have no idea how to quite get there just yet, but I know the key to achieving that goal is to get faster! Therefore, intervals and zone 4 suffering will become my new best friend.
  3. One word for 2017 – 
    • This was easy – PRESENT  If I am present I will achieve all the above. If I am present I will hear my loved ones, I will find joy in the little things, I will be able to keep myself on track in my training as well. You can’t hit target paces on the trainer if you are living in lala land.
  4. Long Mantra for 2017 – something to repeat to yourself
    • I really struggled with this one. Then I all of a sudden dawned on me. Am I being my best self?? I know its more of a question but its a question I really need to ask myself often.



When I am my BEST SELF I am ….

Listening to my family

Loving and kind

Working towards my goals

Thinking of others and how my actions affect them

Listening to MY body

Fuelling my body and soul

Being a well rounded Triathlete


Letting go of the negative


This assignment came to me at a good point in my life, not only because of the New Year, but at a point where I am ready and open to making changes for me.

I challenge you to take the time to complete this assignment. Taking a look back and reflecting but also looking forward.


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