Off Season Training

Good Morning Fit Friends,

I am really excited to share my off season training schedule with you!!

I was chosen a few weeks ago to join the TriDot system off season training plan. Tridot offered this training to me free of charge as they will use my results for their own data finding purposes.

It truly is a win win situation.

There were a few requirements to be accepted into the program including:

Must have completed at least one triathlon

No races in the off season time frame (it wouldn’t really be off season then would it)

At least one race in your 2017 schedule (to be posted publicly shortly)

When I was first accepted into the training program I was over the moon excited, no one loves training as much as I do…. Then reality hit, life got chaotic – what was I thinking taking on serious (although off season) training in December am I freaking crazy (not the F- word i really want to use)???

TriDot has a “less is more” perspective on training -no garbage miles, each and every workout has a purpose. AKA they are almost all crazy ass hard.

Good-bye Z2 endurance training hello Z4 – threshold.

This is exactly the kind of training I NEED and WANT to make the improvements I desire. The timing however is less than IDEAL.

December is always a struggle for me, its cold, its dark, we are over scheduled with dance recitals, Christmas concerts, holiday parties, birthday parties etc.

To top it off we got a new puppy – wow forgot how much work that is, and Tim got into a fender bender (ok totaled the truck) which added more stress to our daily lives.

I had a minor breakdown last week, emailed Jessica (my free coach) telling her I probably should give up my spot, that I couldn’t keep up my end of the bargain  – completing 70% of the workouts.

She relied quickly with a NO WAY LADY! She understands that life is crazy but she wasn’t ready to give up on me. She asked first and foremost what did I NEED from HER?? Wow!

I really couldn’t even articulate what I needed in that moment other than patience and understanding. I told her I would continue to do my best to get through the workouts, however they would be at the bottom of my priority list.

Since that moment, I have only skipped a couple workouts (maybe I just needed the pressure off my shoulders). I gave up the swim workouts – new tattoos don’t like the pool and a few strength workouts. I am loving that I can drag and drop the workouts to fit my schedule.

What I LOVE most is that Jessica and the TriDot team are really there for their athletes. I have had a few technical hiccups when I adjust my race schedule and Cindy their athlete manager – that’s what I call her, was a tremendous help. Jessica who doesn’t even know me yet, was also there for me.

I look forward to seeing the results from this short period of off season training I am certain it will get on the right track to where I want to go…


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