Now What???!!!!

Good Morning Fit Friends,

Its been just over 2 months since My big day –  Ironman Louisville.

I should be telling you that I took it easy, just chilled for a month or so and am ready to get back on the horse. But we all know that I don’t know how to chill, I don’t like rest and recovery.


That most likely will come to bite me in the ass sooner than later…

I have “relaxed” my schedule a bit, I don’t wake up early. I allow myself to stay up past 9 pm and don’t wake up at O dark thirty anymore. My workouts for the most part are much shorter – no crazy 8 hour bricks on the to do list!

Although I have taken 1 full weekend each month where I have done zero exercise and have pretty much dropped all Sunday “long runs” I am still getting at it 6 days a week.

I am enjoying lifting heavier at the gym – during race season I have to baby it in the gym so I can be ready for a monster workout the next day.


While I am “enjoying” the slight shift I have to admit that I feel lost – unfocused. I strongly dislike, ok I hate it, not having a specific goal. Its killing me slowly to be all willy nilly!

I have been playing with a 2017 race plan and while its rather full, nothing is jumping out at me as being Epic.

How do you follow a year of such major firsts??

I feel as though I am moving backwards with only having a 70.3 and a few sprints on the training schedule.

I know I can’t train for a 140.6 each and every year, some how I feel a total lack of challenge no real excitement about my race schedule.

Like I am no longer dreaming big!


Some people will just tell me its the post Ironman blues, and the off season blahs. They might be right. Things may pick up in February when I start training hard with specific targets in mind.

I do have big goals of crushing my race time, but once that is done in early June , then what?

Maybe I am thinking too far ahead, I am not very good at living in the moment – I am always looking ahead, too far ahead perhaps.

For now – I am working with TriDot – a coaching organization from Texas. My coach Jessica Baxter is working on getting me faster.  I’ll be sure to post more about that next week.

Just writing this piece has me thinking and evaluating myself and my goals. Identifying my weaknesses…




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