Go Big or Go Home

Hey there #FitFam,

A couple weeks ago I wrote about HTFU. It was time to put on my big girl panties and ride long, ride far, be brave and get it done.

Well guess what?! I DID IT!! And I LOVED it.


On the September long weekend  I set out for the day with Gretchen and I rode all the way to Ear Falls, just over 60 km. I stopped at the Highway 105 restaurant ordered a grilled cheese and coke. Best lunch ever!!!


The way  there was slow and hard, the wind was coming from the south and I fought a head wind the entire way.

Trip down – 3:08 (not including pee and photo taking stops)

I refilled all my bottles with infinite, reapplied chamois cream, enjoyed my lunch and rode all the way home.

The ride home was GLORIOUS! I have never experienced a tail wind coming back to Red Lake. I had only a few minutes of exhaustion and discomfort, but otherwise I totally enjoyed my ride home. It sure is motivating to see improvement on the second half of a ride.

Ride home – 2:50

I parked Gretchen at the van, had a semi slow transition and went out for a 5 mile run!

I ended the day feeling like a ROCK STAR!!


This past weekend I had my first CENTURY RIDE!! 100 miles!

I chose once again to ride loops from Red Lake to Starrat Olsen for safety and ease, not to mention it had a great elevation.

I did the first 3 loops (13 miles 21 km each) by myself, then my buddy Mike joined me for 2. It was so nice to have someone to ride with. Mike is a strong cyclist and kept me on pace. we haven’t ridden or ran together in so long. Our loops together really flew by.


After my fifth loop Mike and I had a quick stop at the Water Buffalo for coffee and a Pumpkin Tart.

I was joined part way through loop 6 by Tim and Don. They don’t ride often and while they flew by me on the declines, I enjoyed being able to call out “on your left”  few times!

The boys rode 1 loop with me.

Leaving me to ride the last 1.5 loops about 20 miles alone.

I won’t sugar coat it – they were freaking hard. I was tired, hungry, and alone. But I knew if I dug deep I would get them done!

I really feel that I under fueled for Saturday’s ride, I took a gel at mile 95 and that perked me up until…..

The battery in my watch died at mile 97!

All day I was looking forward to seeing those three digits. and 3 miles to go it died, I WAS CRUSHED. 


That little incident at the end of an absolutely epic day crushed my spirits.

I felt no joy as I ended my ride.

I changed my clothes, and headed out for a short run – naked, no watch no music, just misery.

I have no idea how I could let something so small ruin my day. What I accomplished this past weekend was truly remarkable.

In two short years I have gone from running half marathons and being barely capable of swimming 1000 m and riding 20 km to training for a FULL IRONMAN!

I rode my bike 160 freaking kilometers on Saturday and ran 30 km on Sunday!

I never ever in million billion years would have thought either one of those distances would be possible.

Yet I accomplished both in one weekend.

And what’s even more crazy is that in less than ONE month I am going to do them together in one EPIC DAY!



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