All Encompassing…

Good Morning Fit Friends

I remember a time when fitness was a PART of my life. When it took up a small portion of my day. I would easy squeeze in a 30 min Beach Body workout, or go for a quick and easy 5 km run. Maybe I’d swim 1000 m at lunch and walk the dog in the evening.


Even during marathon training my week day workouts were light with ONE LONG but slow run on the weekends. I even gave myself two rest day a week back then. Total workout hours  6-8 MAX including cross training.


All that has changed.

Working out is no longer working out…

It has become training.

Training is not a part of my life, it has become all encompassing, it has become my life.

Training is more than a series of workouts, more than just following following the workout plan.

At this point in time with 45 days left until I step to the start line on the docks at IM Louisville my entire life is centered around TRAINING.

2 – 3 workouts a day totaling 1.5 – 2.5 hours during the week, plus the long ride and run on the weekends that are growing to be 8-10 hours in total.


And that’s just the exercise.

There is meal planning and prep, mixing up bottles of fuel. Trying new recipes guaranteed to provide quick energy. Reading and rereading tips and tricks to get faster and stronger. Ordering new fuel types hoping to find the right mix that will do the job.

And then there is recovery…

Drinking recovery drinks that taste brutal, foam rolling, stretching.  There are the visits to my chiropractor and the newest addition to my repertoire –  massage. Even that is not  what it used to be.


I remember when a massage was a pleasurable experience. Hot stones, light massage, one that was soothing and left me feeling all warm and happy.

Now massage means seeking out the billion and one knots are are found from my shoulders down to my poor feet. I still can’t point out which part hurt the most, my lats, my glutes or my calves 😦

Yes, training has become all encompassing. I can’t remember the last time I did anything that didn’t center around my goal.

Yet I am oddly okay with it all.

Sure I miss the extra free time and my friends.

But I honestly can’t imagine life without training.

It has me a little concerned about what my life will be like post IM. I am hoping, like everything it will just sort itself out.



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