Packing for 70.3

Good morning #fitfam

My Race is only 9 days away!!

As expected I am a total mess, running all the whole gamete of emotions, bitchy, sad, excited, apprehensive… all of them. Pre-race time is basically like PMS only it lasts for weeks!!!!


I really have no reason to feel this way. My training has been rock solid. I think it comes down to to having put myself out there for months on end and having it all on the line for one HUGE event. Failing would crush me emotionally.

I’d like to say I have some magic coping skills for this situation, I don’t…

But I am trying… Instead of moping around the house bitching at my family, I am trying to put on a smile and be positive.


One thing I am doing is to plan and pack. Having a plan helps me feel in control, which in turn makes me happy.

I have everything I need and all the logistics written out in my day planner.

While driving to Calgary I plan to soothe my nerves and write out all the what ifs… you know all the shit that could possibly go wrong and how I plan to attack it.

For now I’ll share my packing list:

Pre – Post Race

  • hoodie
  • sweat pants
  • ball cap
  • flip flops


  • tri suit – put on at hotel in morning
  • wet suit
  • goggles x 2
  • race swim cap
  • timing chip


  • helmet
  • bike shoes
  • sunglasses
  • bike gloves


  • socks
  • running shoes
  • race belt
  • sunglasses, same as bike
  • visor


  • sunscreen
  • body glide
  • chamois butter
  • fuel – bars, Gu, salt
  • 3 bottles, plus aero bottle
  • tire changing gear
  • Tri Mafia tattoos
  • Small towel to dry feet after swim
  • HR monitor and Garmin watch
  • extra hair elastics

I will pack ALL of this plus a few other odds and ends into my handy dandy Zoot Ultra Tri Transition bag.


It has so many great compartments, I SHOULD be able to keep it all tidy and organized




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