Peaking and Planning

Hey there #fitfam…

With less than 2 week to go until my first race of the year I have hit my first peak.

Training plans slowly move you from a base to a build to a peak then my favourite, the taper.

I had my first peak this past weekend and to be honest the past three weeks were pretty brutal.

Each weekend had me riding and running for at least 6 hours, sometimes more like 8 hours in total.



But now that its done I can look back and say that was crazy hard, but I DID IT! I survived 70.3 training.

When I registered for IM Calgary I was less than confident that I could actually do it. A few people thought I was totally crazy for even attempting such an event.

But now sitting here I feel like a can go out there and kick some ass. I definitely won’t be winning any age group awards, but I feel like I can give it MY best effort and be pleased with the results.

The funny thing is that now that I also have IM Louisville on my race calendar, Calgary doesn’t seem all that scary. I hope I feel this confident in October.


For now the hard part will be the packing and organizing to get ready for the 18 hour trek across 3 provinces to reach my race destination. All my other races have been within one days travel and I haven’t brought the kiddos to any of my races before, let alone travel with ALL the GEAR required for a triathlon. Its significantly more intense that a road race.


This week I am making sure I have my nutrition and race plan dialled in…

I know from first hand experience that fuel is the key to succeeding and feeling great during and after a race. During my Twin Cities Marathon I  ate 7 Gu, I finish on a total sugar high!

This race takes a lot more planning, – first its longer by about 3.5 hours. Second I can’t fuel during my swim, but since it should take me 45 mins to swim I will just be coming up on the start of my need for fuel.

Another Factor is the HEAT. In the past I would wake up at 6 am and have my training complete by 10 am before the temps rose. That doesn’t happen in triathlon. I won’t be starting until 730 – 800 am and will be running in the highest heat of the day.

To compensate I have started using Base Performance products. I make up their mixture of salt, amino acids, and hydro for an awesome concoction they call ROCKET FUEL. not only does it have 180 calories per bottle, but also has a high sodium content to keep cramps away and help me hydrate and avoid hyponatremia – too much water not enough salt.


Here’s my plan….


Oatmeal, banana, walnuts, maple syrup, and milk

Coffee with milk

At the start:

Vega bar and water

On the Bike:

gu to start and rocket fuel

45 mins into the bike – start on Bonk Break bars, eat ⅓ of a bar every 45 mins

Sip rocket fuel every 15 mins or when needed.

Salt every 5 miles or 20 mins.

1 gu 15 mins left on the bike to prep for the run.

For a total of 2 bars, 3 bottles and 2 gu on the bike

Total calories 1240.


sip of water or Gatorade and a hit of salt every mile (I’ve been practicing this run walk)

1 gu after 30 mins on the run and then every 45 mins.

And that’s the beginning of my race plan.

Later this week I’ll figure out a race pace plan and work on my transitions. Then I need to workout how to pack all my gear and suitcases for a family of 5 road trip.








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