Training Right…

Good morning #FitFam,

Triathletes like to talk tough…

Social Media is filled with memes telling you to”Beat yesterday”,  “Don’t stop until you faint, puke or die”, “Push the Limits”.


We are always willing to wake up at 4 am and grind out 3000 m in the pool, willing to run in 30 C heat and call it heat training. Add an extra mile to our workout, because we should always “go the extra mile”.

Triathletes are often type A with go getter personalities. We are seldom satisfied with average. Heck the average human doesn’t want to swim 3.8 km, ride 180 km then run 42.2. That is certainly not average.


There is a fine line however, between working outside your comfort zone and going too far.


The whole idea behind training is to push your body a little more each week until you reach your final goal. You build it up and break it down  week in and week out.You push yourself  past comfortable in hope that next week it hurts a little less, that you will eventually acclimate to the stress.


The key to trying to manage it all is to not only push the limits but know when to dial it back.

push the limits

My last week was BRUTAL!

3 hours of swimming, 5:45 hours on the bike, and 5 hours of running.

I completed all my required workouts and added a SICK triple brick on Saturday that lasted 6 hours.

While I am training for Louisville in October I am also trying to make the most of my training for Calgary in July. I am following neither a 140.6 or 70.3 training plan correctly. Adding too many hours for both suggested plan. This has me VERY prepared for Calgary, but also on the verge of complete burnout.

And its starting to show….

I felt AMAZING Saturday, the brick was tough but I got through it feeling empowered. That night I didn’t sleep, Sunday night I didn’t sleep again – uh oh! My face has started breaking out, weight has been gained and lost to the tune of 5 pounds in two day hmmm.

Spoke with my coach – we decided to monitor my heart rate – its normal. Cut back on my workouts for the week. Yesterday I slept in, swam at lunch – I was happy with my effort. Then came my run,I was  instructed to stay in Z2 and run only for 45 mins.

That’s where things went bad….

A 45 min distance turned into 55 mins due to my terrible pace. My legs were like rocks, my belly upset and I felt completely weak.

I was grumpy and exhausted, ended up on the couch all night long.

Sometimes we cross the line and have to pull back.

And that’s what I am going to do. Pull back …

Today’s brick –  not happening… perhaps a little yoga will do the body good.

5:30 am swim session – nope not happening either, I’ll swim at lunch again thank you.

I know that I am prepared for Calgary, what I need  is to keep myself healthy enough to get to the start.

Louisville can wait. 100 days is PLENTY of time to get 140.6 race ready. But that won’t happen either if I am burned out, injured or unmotivated.

Its time to remember its not how about  HARD you train but how SMART you train.






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