Ironman Training and Traveling…

Hello Fit Fam!

Lat week I had the opportunity to travel to Winnipeg to receive some extra training for work. Being the KEENER than I am I couldn’t wait to go.

I also took advantage of being in the city and rewrote my workouts and scheduled some bike maintenance. I dropped Gretchen off at my LBS (little bike shop) as soon as a got into the city. She had a tune up, everything checked out and I am happy to say she shifts a whole lot smoother now too.

First off I was lucky to have different hours in the city so I didn’t have to rush to the office at 7 am each morning. That allowed me a few extra minutes of sleep each day!

I found an awesome pool in my “neighbourhood” the PAN AM pool, it is a  50 m pool, but I wasn’t on the right schedule to swim long course. It was fantastic, so much room, and since we swam widths I got the pleasure of feeling extra speedy in a 25 yrd pool vs a 25 m pool.


Tuesday right after work I had my second bike fit. We focused on getting me into the aero position. My seat was adjusted and my handle bar stem swapped out. I also added insoles to my bike shoes. My toes kept falling asleep on long rides, not advantageous to running a half marathon post ride! Once again I am more than happy with the service at Alter Ego Sports! As I left I bought some Hammer Recoverite to try, hoping it will speed my recovery for my 2 and 3 workouts a day. They also kindly gave me a Cervelo bike catalog … in my dreams!!


Wednesday I join an small MEC group ride in Assiniboine park. I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed. The ride leader and fellow riders (3 in total) we very friendly. The route was pretty, but not much in the way of getting a real ride done. Lots of twisting and turning and starting and stopping – all great skills just not practical to Ironman training. I was HOPING for a confidence boost with riding around others. That didn’t really happen. After the group ride was complete I continued on by myself. I rode in a pretty swanky neighbourhood and was past by some amazingly fast riders.


Thursday, another swim – my longest ever! 3000m and at a pretty speedy pace. Thursday night I went out for a fast run. Winnipeg is insanely flat, I probably pushed too hard, but it was hard to hold back.

On my last morning, I woke up and ran in the area around the hotel. The street were quiet and peaceful. Unfortunately I seriously needed a bathroom and had to cut my run short. the one downside to a morning run :s

I returned home Friday night feeling recharged, its pretty nice not having to cook or clean and parent for a whole week. I did learn an incredible amount about the accounting side of my business too.

Saturday I headed south on Highway 105 for a 3 hour long ride. The first half sailed by, easy peasy. The way home not so much. I swear the entire ride home is up hill! I survived and pushed through a VERY HOT 15 min run off the bike. I thought I might have a heart attack in the street. That afternoon we went out to our friends cabin and I jumped into the lake for the first time this year. I expected it to be freezing cold, but it was actually really nice 🙂


Sunday long runs are not much fun on dead tired legs. Coaches sure know what they are doing when they schedule a long run after a week of training. I am certain the mental fortitude I am building will be a lot more valuable than the physical fitness from these runs.

Workout Recap – May 16 to 22

Monday  – rest and travel

Tuesday – 2400m swim and bike fit

Wednesday – 1.5 hours bike ride

Thursday – 3000m swim and 50 min run

Friday – 50 min run

Saturday – 3:00 bike ride (45 miles – 72 km) and a 15 min run off bike.

Sunday – LSD run 9 miles, 1:05



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