Socializing ….

Hey There #fitfam,

I had quite a FUN few days last week


We celebrated Cinco de Mayo last Thursday with a large group of friends. Criss and Angela went ALL out, the food, the music, the margaritas were all top notch. Mother Nature even co-operated and gave us a balmy 30C weather.

Dinner was pot luck and I tell ya my friends can cook! We brought fish tacos and mango slaw from Skinny Taste. Another couple made homemade enchiladas. There was mango salsa, pork carnitas. For dessert Criss whipped up churros. Its a good thing I am burning a ton of calories with all my training.

Friday night we relaxed at Radford’s and enjoyed a few slices of pizzas.


Saturday a group of us got all dolled up and went out to The Sportsman’s Dinner and Dance. Its an annual function put on by the Red Lake Publicity Board to raise funds so they can promote tourism. Dinner was a “Fish Fry”, I sure do love good walleye. The girls and I danced all night long and really had a blast. We even won $300.00 chamber bucks to shop local.


I am pretty pleased that I have managed to keep my indulging, food and booze, to a minimum. While I did drink I certainly didn’t drink enough to cause a dreadful hangover. My goal is 2 drinks, and so far so good…

I was disappointed that I didn’t make my run Sunday, but going to bed past midnight and having danced for HOURS Saturday night, I felt like it was ok to skip out. Instead I enjoyed a day with my girlies.



Em and I went down to the marina where she works and spent my chamber bucks on a GoPro. We have had a lot of fun testing it out. I cant wait to take it on my ride next weekend!


Ironman Training Week 4 – May 2 – 8, 2016

Recovery Week


Monday – Rest Day – school run club

Tuesday – Swim 2500m run 60

Wednesday –  Brick 45 mins trainer 15 mins outside run in the morning- very cold!! Run club.

Thursday – slept in, swam 1800m at lunch, enjoyed the swim, no sets straight. Bike 60 mins home from work. Terrifying!! Bad idea to bike at that time of day. 😦

Friday – 45 min run after work. Happy with my pace!

Saturday – 2 hour bike ride outside in horrible winds and rain. Overall happy with pace and performance.

Sunday – Naps ….



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