I Hired a Coach

Good morning #fitfam,

I hope your weekend was lovely. Spring has sprung finally in the Great White North!


The ice has begun to move off the lake and several bays are finally open. It is so nice to see the blue sparkling water once again.

This weekend I made a decision that I think is really going to benefit my training and my race outcomes. I hired a coach. I have sitting on the fence about it for quite some time.I knew I could probably fumble my way through 70.3 training, but was feeling really terrified about going it alone for the big one!

For the past weeks, months really, I have considered a triathlon coach. I contacted Training Peaks coaching services and consulted with a few. They were great but totally out of my budget. I looked online, considered the Swim, Bike Mom coaching services, again out of my budget – The Canadian / Us dollar exchange has been brutal!

Whenever I would see a coach opportunity I would take a gander, consider the options and in the end pass on it.

This weekend that changed. I have been following Phaedra and her blog – Blisters and Black Toenails for quite some time. Somehow I missed that she coached. I took a chance and sent her an email. She and I came up to an agreement that satisfied my needs, goals and was affordable.

I am really looking forward to having someone to discuss my training with and I am really hoping she can help me make some improvement in my cycling.

Workout Recap April 24-30, 2016

IMG_0347 (1)

Monday – rest day!!

Tuesday – 2500m, felt great – had a good breakfast before swimming which made a difference. 60 min run after work!

Wednesday – 45 min bike 15 min run in the early morning, loved watching the sun come up! 30 min strength training. Took it easy, little muscle soreness afterwards!

Thursday – 2500m swim, felt slow but the pace worked out to be ok. 60 min bike after work, took Gretchen out for a spin. The hills were tough and I forgot what the wind felt like.

Friday – Early morning run, it was COLD!! found finding enough town roads for the full 60 mins. I don’t want to run the hwy in the early morning. I  am afraid cars wont be expecting me …. My legs were pretty tender from the bike the day before.

Saturday – LONG bike ride on the trainer – 2:30 plus a 20 min run. The bike was tough tosty focused, the run felt great. No muscle soreness.

Sunday – Long Run – 7.5 miles in the sunshine with mike. Almost too hot for a tee and crops. Right hip and quad had a niggle in them. Felt great post run!


Do you have a coach? What is the biggest benefit you have seen?


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