Going Hard ….

Hey there #Fitfam,

Last week training was hard.

I’ll be honest, I was exhausted for most of the week. Waking up at 4:30 am is not easy. Swimming 2500m in the morning before work is tough, especially when your longest swim of late was 2000m. That extra 500m nearly killed me.

I hit the gym pretty hard again last Wednesday and could barely walk for the next 3 days. I know that lifting heavy will do that to me every time, but do I  listen???, NO …. I want to be BASASS all the freaking time. But here’s the thing  that I am learning very slowly. I don’t have to be BADASS every single minute of every single day. And while bodyweight exercises may not feel like a challenge, they are right for my body right now.

I need to remain focused on the end game, stay strong, injury free and capable of pushing through my Swim, Bike, Run workouts.

So many people think we need to push hard through every workout. We don’t! Not every run has to be at tempo, not every bike at our threshold and the same for strength training, not every set has to be a PR.

Moving forward, I am going to think a little more, look at my big picture and ensure that I get the most out of each workout. Avoiding walking funny will be an added perk 😉


You know things are tough when you are running in mismatched shoes!!



Workout Recap April 18-24

Monday- REST DAY!

Tuesday – 2500m swim and a 6 mile run at lunch.

Wednesday – Morning brick – 30 min bike 15 min run – finally ran outside in the morning.            Lunch time strength training.

Thursday – 2500 m swim at early birds. 60 mins spin on the bike. The bike nearly killed me. I was tired from parents night, hungry and SORE.


Friday – Sunny 45 min run at lunch.

Saturday – 2:00 trainer ride. It took a lot of mental muscle to push through, 15 min run off the bike.

Sunday – Easy 60 min run


What’s your philosophy? Do you like to lift heavy and push hard? How do you find that balance?





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