Emotional Roller Coaster – Week 1

Hey there #Fit Fam!!

Last week I wrote about my big, crazy plan.

Setting that plan into motion was quite a lot of work and emotionally draining.

There was family to consult, flights  and hotels to book , cars to rent.

Tim was grumpy with my flight choices, flights were super tricky to find. You should have heard the travel agent when I asked about going to Kentucky. Not a common destination I guess. Next we had to consider the transporting of the bike, could I get it on the plane? Rent or purchase a bike case? Do I have enough time? Blah Blah Blah…

Then came the doubt – the Holy Sh*T what have it done… am I crazy???

The week was filled with emotional highs and excitement and the lows … are you sure you should register a full before doing a half … Are you crazy??? I heard it all.

They only thing that felt right was the training.

After my swim Thursday I felt at peace with my decision. It reminded me of why I do this… training – swimming, biking, running – it gives me great JOY. It makes me happy. So why not give it my all. Its not the racing that I solely love its the training too. The everyday…


April 11-17, 2016

Monday  – 30 mins strength training. Made up a fun little circuit with squats, burpees, push up rows, dips, walking lunges.

Tuesday – 1650 m swim  at lunch and 45 min run after work.

Wednesday – brick day, only my treadmill died so I had to break it up. 30 min indoor cycle with Zwift in the early morning. 15 mins on the treadmill in the gym at lunch and another fun little circuit. Burpees – squat front raise row, walking lunges, chest and back fly.

Thursday – 50 mins on my trainer with Zwift in the morning and a 2000m lunch time swim. I followed the training set out in my Ironfit book wit ha small decrease in meters to accommodate time .I really liked it. Felt amazing afterwards.

Friday – training plan called for 60 min run, but Friday has been my rest day for the past few years. I want to ease my way into this and know that I have 24 weeks to train. So I cut it back to 30 mins and although it was pretty tough I took the time to enjoy the Spring weather.

Saturday – long ride day. This one Hurt! 1:30 min of Zwift FTP training with 2 12 mins at 125 watts (that s tough for me), followed by 2 min bursts at 145. I felt that ride and once the workout was done I had to face another 15 mins to reach 1:45 in total.

Sunday – LSR – took it super easy, Lily pup came along and we trotted out towards Madsen for 30 mins and then headed home. 60 mins total. I loved it, even though it was cold and raining.


Training Totals:

Swim 2650m

Bike 3 hrs 5 mins – 48 miles

Run2;35 – 15.5 miles


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