I did something Crazy….

Good morning #Fit Fam,

I have always had this feeling that unless I had something super entertaining and fabulous I shouldn’t be blogging. Because who in their right minds wants to read another boring workout recap that is pretty much exactly the same as last week’s recap. I had this idea that I was writing for the masses, when really I should be looking at this as an opportunity to write for me.

That’s all about to change….

This week I did some thing crazy ….. most likely completely insane!

Let’s back up a bit.

Earlier this year I registered for a Virtual 140.6 Triathlon through the Jimmy Johnson Foundation. It was a great opportunity to keep me motivated to continue training through the fall. I had the entire month of October to complete:


  • 2.4 mile – 3.8 km swim
  • 112 mile – 180 km bike
  • 26.2 mile – 42.2 km run

Easy Peasy… it supported a great cause I would earn some sweet Jimmy Swag. Win Win.

Of course being the planner that I am I thought how will I tackle this?? Then I got to thinking maybe I could do it  the Thanksgiving weekend, swim Saturday, bike Sunday, run Monday.

Then I got to thinking, why not just bang it out in one day? A solo Ironman – think Iron Cowboy.


My plan was to approach the pool and ask them to open early on a Saturday for me, Rebecca would life guard. Then ride out to Windfall road and back, then 4 easy 10 km loops, done.

I felt badass just thinking about it. An unsupported Ironman, just me and my family and friends. Ok not so EASY, but you get the point.

But a part of me still wanted the official results – I couldn’t call myself an Ironman if I didn’t have a permanent record. No bling, no special needs bags, it was kind of sad.


This past weekend I was talking to a Tri Mafia brother- he was training for his first Full, Ironman Louisville – it was the same weekend that I was planning my “race”. Hmmm…

I did some research begged the hubs, told him it would be a romantic getaway, I think he knows the truth. My awesome, generous father donated air miles to the cause and it was on!

Travel arrangements were made, race registration filled and I was going to do an IRONMAN. Just saying those words chokes me up!


So, for the next 6 months I will use this platform for me. To chronicle MY journey, the good, the bad, and the ugly for ME. My journey to….

“Jennifer Szaflik – you are an IRONMAN”





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