Super Bowl Sunday and Workout Recap.

Good Morning #FitFam,

Its the Monday morning after the Super Bowl and I have to say I am feeling the effects. We are not really football fans, Nascar – YES, football not so much. But when friends of ours invited us over to watch the game we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.


The Game itself was pretty wild. I am certain a lot of people were rooting for the Broncos to win, but not many actually thought they would pull it off!

The boys in orange, ok white last night, were impressive. They took control early in the game and kept it up all game. As a non football watcher, is that even a thing, I relied on our buddies to explain the finer details, like the REED play. Like most sports there are a significant amount of components to playing the game, its not just a bunch of guys hitting each on the on the field. I was also impressed by their level of fitness, man those boys can RUN!

Along with the game and the comroderie the FOOD was INSANE! I was smart and brought a veggie tray to “pretend” to at least try to eat well. We snacked on homemade pizza, wings, ribs, dips, and fish – bacon wrapped walleye bites anyone. Silly me I didn’t even snap one photo of the spread 😦


The only down side to the whole evening, was the fact that I COULD NOT SLEEP last night. Even though I was tired I couldn’t settle, I tossed and turned all night long. I am very sensitive to stimulation and the loud, huge TV, the apple ciders, and rich food totally messed with my system. It is really unfortunate that Super Bowl isn’t held on a Saturday night!

Workout Recap Feb 1-7

I had an excellent training week. Hit almost all my targets although my treadmill has been giving me grief.

Monday –

  • Strength training
  • IMG_1289
    Not the best gun show, but you get the point!


Tuesday –

  • Treadmill was off kilter and I subbed in a 5000m row.
  •  1800m swim at lunch – best swim in a long time!
  • IMG_1275

Wednesday –

  • Short Brick workout – 35 min bike and 15 min run (as prescribed in training plan)
  •  Strength – tried a new workout plan and I found it to be too short and not intense enough

Thursday –

  • 30 min bike, I am finding 30 mins feels too short, but I am trusting the process.
  • 1200m swim, I was getting tired
  • IMG_1277

Friday  – REST DAY

  • Walk and stretch

Saturday –  

  •  90 min bike, 85-110 RPM (turns out having  a brake dragging on rear wheel creates some major resistence and a much more challenging ride!!!
  • 2000m swim – took longer than planned with too many rest stops but I was pretty tapped out after my ride.
  • IMG_1334

Sunday –

  • 60 min run – I had a lot of trouble getting t his run done. Blew a breaker in first 5 mins, 20 mins later treadmill over heated so I went to the gym, forgot my HR monitor and head phones but pushed through and completed the 60 mins plus a 15 min cool down walk
  • 10 min stretch 5 mins core!
  • 4B1E6291-EDBF-453E-8009-0A48464A3B01

Totals: –

  • Swim 5200m
  • Bike 20 mi, 32 km
  • Run 7.22 mi 11.5 km
  • Row 5000m
  • Strength – 1 hr

And that folks is breakdown of my week, I am feeling content with my training, I m tired but not overly exhausted, but very HUNGRY!!






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