Week one…


Hi Ya #Fitfam,

Last week was a MOTHER of a week!! I am quite honestly not really sure how I made it through. First it was exam week, which meant texts books everywhere!


Tim had not one but two fire meetings, Olivia had an open house at the school on Wednesday.

Tim and I took our big girls to see “The Hound of the Baskervilles” at the school put on by The Manitoba Theatre Company. I was so tired by Thursday night I embarrassingly have to admit that I actually fell asleep several times during the second act. Its a darn good thing I do not snore.

Friday night we had drinks with friends. Saturday ice fishing and family dinner. Sunday, I spent most of my day cleaning and prepping for this week.

Tim, received a gift in the mail on Friday. A GPS watch from my cousin who never used it. Wow I never thought I would see Tim so excited about exercise and data. He spent nearly the entire weekend reading the owners manual and setting up his Training Peaks account. He even did 2 workouts and logged his data!

Luckily I had changed up my training plan last weekend and my work load was significantly lighter.

Here is a breakdown of my training week.

Week 1 of 30 for Ironman Calgary 70.3

Monday –30 mins strength training at lunch

Tuesday – Morning – 30 min (3 miles) treadmill run, it was pretty sucky. 45 min swim – 1600m at lunch.


Wednesday – Morning – 60 Min Brick, 35 min bike following a  GCN workout & 25 min run (this run was a little better.) 30 min Strength training at lunch

Thursday – Morning – 30 min Bike, 45 mins swim at lunch.


Friday  – Bad Yogi morning flow workout and a sauna at lunch

Saturday – 60 min bike ride through Europe thanks to You Tube.


Sunday – Braved the elements (ok it wasn’t that cold) 45 min run.




  • Swim 3200m
  • Bike 20.5 miles
  • Run 7.22 miles
  • Strength 60 mins
  • Yoga 20 mins


Overall, it was a great workout week. It was just where I need to be right now. Thankfully this week is a lot less hectic 🙂











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