Training ….

Hey There #Fitfam,

I hope you had a great weekend, mine was pretty mixed. I had 2 solid workouts on Saturday that I was really proud of, but Sunday felt flat.

I have been following You-Tube videos for both cycling and yoga.  The Global Cycling Network, GCN, has excellent cycling workouts. This weekend I tackled their 60 min Strength and Endurance workout. I started with a 30 min easy spin while watching Netflix for my warm up and to tack on extra time needed for my training plan. Then I started into the 60 min You-Tube video. The focus of the training was cadence, we started with a 5 min warm up at 80-90 prm. Then we had 7X3 mins of intervals as follows:

  • 3 mins 110 RPM
  • 3 mins 100 RPM
  • 3 mins 90 RPM
  • 3 mins 80 RPM
  • 3 mins 70 RPM
  • 3 mins 60 RPM
  • 3 mins 50 RPM

It was pretty tough to move from such a high RPM down through to the lower ones, it really worked my muscles.


After a 4 min rest period we started back up the block this time with 4 min intervals.

  • 4 mins 60 RPM
  • 4 mins 70 RPM
  • 4 mins 80 RPM
  • 4 mins 90 RPM
  • 4 mins 100 RPM
  • 4 mins 110 RPM

Then an ALL OUT 120-130 MAX 1 MIN INTERVAL.

I left a puddle of sweat on the floor. While I cooled down.


After my ride, a quick shower and a snack I went to the pool. Miss R. joined me this week as she didn’t have to life guard until later in the afternoon.

She really likes to design the workout for us, I told her 45 mins and 1600m was my goal. We decided that we should work on IM – ouch!

Here is a breakdown of our workout:

  • 200 m free warm up
  • 200 m flutter kick
  • 50 m fly drill
  • 50 m fly kick
  • 50 m fly
  • 100 m back drill
  • 100 m back kick
  • 100 m back
  • 100 m breast drill
  • 100 m breast kick
  • 100 m breast
  • 100 free drill
  • 100 m free kick
  • 100 m free
  • 200 m free cool down


You can imagine how my legs felt after 90 mins of cycling and all those kick sets! But I felt very accomplished! After a nap and plenty of food I went out XC Skiing with Tim, Emily and Olivia. Em really likes the hills, O not so much but it was a very enjoyable evening it was so nice to be able to be outside and not bunkered down in the house.



Sunday, on the other hand had me feeling quite miserable. We had made plans to go ice fishing that fell through, only I found out after I had woken up early to squeeze in my 90 min run that turned into a crummy 60 min run. I just cannot seem to find my run groove lately 😦 That coupled with being tired left me feeling pretty cranky.

I really took some time this weekend to think about my training plan. I was following the competitive off season training plan from IronFit Triathlon Training for Women. It is a two week plan meant for the first few weeks after a race. It just wasn’t right for me, it never changed, the weekend long workouts were longer than I need to repeat each and every weekend for the next 10 weeks. I feared being over trained and burnt out before I even started my “real training” for Calgary 70.3.


So I kept looking … And I decided to give the Be IronFit 10 week Base plan a try. It is designed for someone looking to do a Full Ironman, but I feel that as long as I keep the weekend long runs adjusted for a half the week day workouts don’t really vary. By starting over with my training I get to scale back for the next month, which I think will be a good thing.

Training is fluid, as an athlete I need to be flexible, try new things and be willing to change it up when need be, and that is exactly what I did!

How do you choose your training plans? Do you hire a coach? Wing it?





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