Travel Tips

Good Morning #FitFam,

I cannot believe the last post I wrote was Dec. 31, 2015. So much for promising to write more often…

In my defense I have been pretty busy! I have a new training plan, a new THM Challenge Group, a somewhat busy family and as always a jam packed social life.

Quite a few of my new challengers are new to getting serious about fitness and in need of tips and tricks that us veterans know and understand. This week several are traveling or getting ready to travel, that makes it the perfect time to offer up some of my favourite tips to keeping healthy while away from home.



Travel Tips

1. Plan ahead – Do your research. Book a hotel with a gym, schedule your appointments (many of us northerners travel for medical or other appointments) so you have time for a workout. Research and write out a fun new gym or treadmill routine. Have a back up plan such as body weight exercises in your hotel room.

5 ways to make the hotel gym work – Body builder

3 High Intensity Hotel Workouts

Fitknit chick’s Hotel  Metabolic Workout

2. Pack right – now I don’t just mean pack your gym clothes and shoes, I also mean pack healthy snacks. Cut up veggies and fruit for the drive, grab your favourite water bottle and fill it up! Pack single servings of nuts to keep in your bag. Whip up a batch of homemade protein bars or energy balls to have on hand.

Oh She Glows Homemade Protein Bars


3. Try something new – travel is supposed to be fun! Take in a new exercise class, go on an adventurous excursion (ice climbing in Winnipeg anyone??).


4. Be selective – It is totally acceptable to go to your favourite restaurant order your favourite meal indulge in both food and drink. Just don’t do it at every meal. Start your day off right with a healthy breakfast, eat a salad with plenty of protein for lunch, drink lots of water throughout the day, then feel free to totally enjoy dinner.


5. Be Mindful-  Traveling should be fun, but it isn’t a reason to let it all go. Listen to your body, eat when you are hungry, try to avoid eating something just because it looks great.

Mindful Eating

And Remember …. Its a lifestyle so its ok to let things slide a little while traveling.

Do you have any favourite tips on staying healthy while traveling? Favourite travel destination?

























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