Looking Back at 2015

Good Morning #FitFam!!!

Is hard to believe that it is already the very end of December 2015! This year has gone by like a whirl wind. I cannot ever remember having so much change and adventure in my life in one year.

This time last year I sat down and listed my goals for 2015, some I accomplished, some I did not… and some things I couldn’t have even dreamed of happened.

I started 2015 off with a BANG with NYE around a fire with my the best friends a girl could ask for.


New Year’s Day I did the craziest, most adventurous thing … Polar Bear Swim at -30C.


While the rest of my winter seemed pretty tame -I bought my first road bike, travelled to Winnipeg with Miss O, started half marathon training, and laid low.

Evening Walk in Winnipeg with Olivia

Spring was pretty quite too, Tri training started and my life kept on as per usual. I made a new friend – my now BRF Mike who helped me push my running to new latitudes!


But then came SUMMER! Oh Summer!

It started off pretty FANASTIC with a FUN trip to Winnipeg for the Manitoba Half Marathon. I earned a 10 minute PR and came within 2 minutes of my life goal to run a sub 2 hr half marathon.


Immediately afterward, school let out and I jumped feet first into Marathon Training. The runs were long and there were times I thought for sure I was going to die out on that Madsen Hwy. But every single week I managed to chip away at the distance and then head out for a night full of summer time fun!

FUN!!! We had so much fun this summer. Trips to the cabin, rides on the house boat, fishing, beach adventures, it was AMAZING!!! We would run our double digit long runs, rush home to ice, shower, refuel and if I was lucky a short nap. Then we would escape for dinner, dancing and more!

Along with the long runs came terrific Triathlon workouts. I swam hours in the lake in my new wetsuit, rode Gretchen (my bike) multiple trips up and down the highway, and ran and ran and ran!


In august I accomplished my goal and came second in the Red Lake Triathlon – Olympic distance.


A week later, Rebecca, Emily, and I headed to the West Coast. We spent the week with my cousin Joy. It was most certainly one of the BEST weeks of my LIFE.

Joy, the QUEEN OF ADVENTURE, taught us to SUP, wake surf, waterski, climb mountains and live life to the fullest. I shared my love of running with her, and came home with a permanent souvenir!

Two weeks later it was back to work and time for the Red Lake Fall Classic Fishing Tournament, of which I soon became the new Chairwoman.

You would think after all that summer fall things would have slowed down for fall, but  that certainly did not happen. Mother nature was extremely kind and we enjoyed summer like temperatures right into October.

To take advantage of the warm weather a group of my friends and I set out for a weekend long trip driving Polaris Side by Sides from Red Lake to Kenora.The trip was so much fun, we camped, we hunted, we stargazed and drove. So many wonderful memories came out of that trip!

I still had some LONG, 20 milers, to complete and before I knew it, it was time to taper. My BRFs along with my terrific Sherpa/chauffer of a husband made the long drive to Minneapolis for the TWIN CITIES MARATHON. This race was life changing. Never had I felt so much JOY from an event. Crossing the finish line at 26.2 was such an proud moment, I will never forget that feeling.

One week later I did the craziest thing ever – Rode my bike to Ear Falls. My longest ride to date 70 km – a week after running a marathon. It was long, it was hard, I was tired. But it was once again a super accomplishment.

The weather got a bit cooler things got a bit slower…. I left my job in education after 11 years for a new, better paying, lower stress job as an office manager.

I struggled for the past few months with having NO REAL PLANS. Training became wishy washy, but I did start swimming more. I picked up my first two fitness clients and have been working hard to help keep them on track.

We continued our weekend get togethers, although a little less frequently. We cut and piled wood at the cabin and enjoyed the hot tub in November. We celebrated Friendsgiving and a birthday or two or three!

I took a major risk and registered for my first Half Ironman next July and have been dreaming about what 2016 might have in store for me.


In the end, I didn’t accomplish all my goals for 2015, some things just didn’t happen, but in the end as I look back, I could never have expected that 2015 would have turned out to be so amazing and full of life and love!






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