Changing Things Up….

Hey there #FITFAM!!

As you know I made a career change this fall. I left my career in education for one in an office. The change has been terrific!!

One of the best perks is that I now have the flexibility to use my lunch hour for  quicky 30 min workouts and eat my lunch at my desk. All through the fall I would trek to the pool 3 or 4 days a week for a 30 min swim and sauna! It was glorious!!

The pool, however, has closed its doors for 3 weeks due to paint the pool. 😦

This left me looking to fill my lunch hour void.

As I am never one to sit on my haunches and let valuable time go to waste I have used this time to focus on some of my weaknesses. Mainly strength training and yoga.

I know both of those disciplines are crucial to my well – being, injury prevention, and overall body composition. However, neither gives me the good vibes that I get after an awesome cardio workout!

For the past two weeks I have gone to the gym twice each week and snuck in a yoga session or two in my lunch room, its a small business only myself and my training partner AKA Boss use that room. So its not at all awkward!

I have been using the Runner’s World Yoga DVDs and I have to say I love them! The poses hit ALL my tight spots from running and cycling. All I am missing is some relief in my swimmer shoulders and back. Yoga for Triathletes! That’s what I need!

I looked to my triathlete books for suggestions for strength training. I want my workout to be purposeful.

I have designed 2 great strength training plans that I am repeating for the next few weeks. The exercises are purposeful in building a strong body for triathlon, I sneak in a few bicep curls to build sexy tank top arms too 😉

EST. 1994

EST. 1994 (1)

Do you work out at lunch? Strength Train?


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