You Signed Up For What???

Good morning #FitFam!!!!

Its a cold Friday Morning here is in small Red Lake and I thought it was time to write about my newest adventure.

Two years ago I trained and raced my first triathlon – a small local sprint distance tri.

The training was great, the race even better! I was hooked!!!

While I LOVE running and racing 1/2 marathons and the full marathon distance I REALLY REALLY LOVE triathlon. I love its diversity, I love the challenge, I love how it makes me feel.

Last winter I bought Gretchen, my bike, and worked hard to improve my skills. I pushed myself last spring and summer and trained for and competed in my first Olympic Distance Triathlon. Again just a small local race, but the distance was the legit!


I have always been someone who pushes for excellence, always wanting to see how far I can go. In Triathlon that means looking at longer, bigger races. You know the Mdot races.

My goal for 2016 was to get a few larger races under my belt, same distance sprint or oly, but bigger competitor wise. Learn to swim with hundreds rather than dozens. Learn about transitions where you have to locate your bike. I thought that was a necessary step in iron man prep.

Then in 2017 I would make the leap and challenge a 70.3.

But life isn’t that simple…

I realized in 2017 my eldest, Rebecca, would be leaving home to go to school Calgary. A) I would have want to move her there B) I would be an emotional wreck most the summer and NOT want to dedicate a dozen hours each week to training when I should be spending them with my family.

2018 – ditto but this time my Emily would be leaving home for the university of her choice.

So I had two choices – Wait for who knows how long and keep on keeping on…


Do it now!

I consulted my family and a local tri-expert and did a lot of research.


We decided that I am already putting in 6-8 hours a week in the off season. I have raced huge races before – Disney, Twin Cities, Vegas; while they are not the same as a triathlon I still know I can hold my own in a large crowd. I am fit and motivated and life is short.



Last week I registered for Iron Man Calgary 70.3

ironman calgary

I am ridiculously excited, and nervous as well.






Have you raced a big race before? Any Advice??



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