The Swim…

Happy Friday FitFam!!

I have been thinking about this post for quite some time.



For most new triathletes the swim is the most difficult portion. Many new triathletes are cyclists or runners who are looking for more of a challenge.

The scariest part of Tri is the swim, for many, and often holds people back. More and more I read about women wanting to get into Tri but are afraid of the swim.

Recently, I have been hitting the pool a lot! My new job is one minute away from the pool and I have been taking full advantage with short 30 minute lunch hour swims. It feels fabulous to hit the water, get some exercise, followed by a hot shower and sauna to break up my day.

Swimming is a terrific workout for anyone at any age! It works your entire body and provides not only a terrific cardio workout, but helps strengthen your core and muscles. Not to mention its perfect for injured runners or as a recovery / cross training workout!

Now that I am frequenting the pool more often, I am starting to see a few “beginners” testing the water. While I absolutely LOVE seeing new people getting active or trying a new sport part of me wants to stop them and tell them what they are missing! But that would be rude and I would hate to intimidate anyone, especially someone who had the courage to put on a swim suit and hit the pool.

So instead I thought I would get it off my chest here with:



  1. Learn to put your face in the water – while head up front crawl or breast stroke has its place, learn to be comfortable with your face in the water. You will have a much better quality workout once you become comfortable swimming face in.
  2. Buy some goggles – It is a heck of a lot more fun to swim when A) you can see B) you don’t have chlorinated water burning your eyes C) see suggestion 1!!
  3. Take a class – I can still remember learning to swim, I signed up for surfing lesion in Tofino with Surf Sisters and knew I needed to pick up some skills. I was dreadfully embarrassed that I couldn’t even manage 25 m. By the end of my lessons I could swim 1000m in an hour, now 1000m in 25 mins.
  4. PRACTICE – You can’t get better of something without practice. All the lessons in the world won’t help you improve without a lot of time and effort.
  5. Move out of your comfort zone – all of this advice comes down to you trying something new and possibly a little scary. Move out of your comfort zone, try new drills, swim sets, and strokes.


Don’t be afraid to join a swim class and meet other swimmers. Even if triathlon isn’t a goal of yours learning to swim is a life long skill that everyone should have. Whether you are playing at the beach with your kids, learning to wake surf, scuba diving, or racing in triathlon swimming is a sport that can continue with you for a life time!

Sample Workouts:

1000m Time Trial

After a short warm up, swim 1000m consistently (40 laps of a 25 m pool) for time. Watch how your time improves.


Speedy Ladder – 1200m total

Warm up swim 200 m

25 m fast

25 m easy

50 m fast

50 m easy

75 m fast

75 m easy

100m fast

100m easy

Repeat going down from 75m to 25 m

Cool down 200 m

Pull Kick Swim

warm up 200 m

pull 100m

kick 100m

swim 100m repeat as many times as desired

cool down 200m

Do you swim? Have you taken lessons?


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