Change ….

Hey There Fit Fam,

Change ….


In September 2003 my eldest Rebecca started junior kindergarten. That same September I received an amazing opportunity – to sub as an education assistant. It was a temporary position that by the end of that October became full time.  It was a career I had not expected. I NEVER EVER thought of myself and the type of person to work with special needs people. I loved kids but didn’t think i had that special touch to be good with people who had different needs. Boy was I surprised!

Over the next twelve years I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. I have learned to LOVE my job. I loved “teaching” my small groups of kids who needed that extra touch. Each and everyday I had to think on the go, change it up, create a whole new way to explain a wide variety of subjects.

Working in education is very rewarding for the soul, not so much to the pocket book. Its funny how the people who make an impact on the world, in small but meaningful ways never seem to get the financial rewards they deserve.

So, at this time I have decided that it was time to focus on what MY family needs to be successful. At this time I have two daughters looking at post secondary educations across the country. I NEED to be in a place where I can support them as they reach their personal goals.

I also believe that when an opportunity arises you have to JUMP on it.

So starting tomorrow morning I will no longer be an education assistant, but rather an Office Manager for a concrete company.

While I will miss my students TREMENDOUSLY, I am also extremely excited about this new challenge. I am looking at this change as a whole new opportunity to pus my limits and expand my horizons!!!

Workout Recap: November 1st to 7th, 2015

Sunday – Rest Day

Monday – 50 mins on bike at the gym 20 km


Tuesday – Snowy Run 45 mins – 4.25 miles

Wednesday – Early Bird Swim 1200m and weights

Thursday – 60 mins on the bike trainer – 20 km


Friday – Runner’s World Recovery Yoga 30 mins

Saturday – Swim 1200m and Runner’s World Yoga 50 mins


Meal Plan For November 8 – 14, 2015

SundayMartha Stewart Chicken Tenders Parmesan with Penne and Broccoli 

Monday – Runner’s World Beef Kebobs and salad

Tuesday – Fish Tacos

WednesdayTwo Peas and their Pod Tomato Tortellini Soup 

Thursday – Left over soup

Friday – Miss Emily’s 15th Birthday – Burgers, homemade Fries, veggies, fruit and cupcakes!

Saturday – TBD –

Snacks – 

Greek Yogurt, fruit, veggies, Guacamole, and this pumpkin loaf

Whats on your menu? Any big changes going on in your life?


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