Sunday Planning and Prep – October 25 – 31, 2015

Hey there Fit Fam and Fit Friends,

Ah Sunday!!!

This is the first Sunday I have had in months where I didn’t have anything specific planned. Thanks so a freaky cold that came on hard last night I slept in until 9 am. I quite honestly expected to have to spend the entire day in bed. But Low and Behold I actually don’t feel too bad today.

Tim and the littlest Miss headed out bird hunting on the quad and I settled in for a quiet breakfast by myself.


After my toast and coffee Rebecca and I headed out for a lovely 5k walk. I had a brick workout scheduled, but since its the off season and I am really not totally recovered from my marathon – plus the odd cold, I thought a walk was just perfect. We enjoyed the crisp morning and chatted for 5 wonderful kilometres.


Back at home Rebecca, Emily and I made pancakes and bacon for brunch, just in time for dad and Olive to join us.

Once Tim, Olivia, and Rebecca headed to the pool I set to work digging up my garden. I pulled all my old veggie stalks and dug up some of my potatoes and carrots. The spuds turned out terrific the carrots not so much, Next Year ….


Afterwards, I set into my meal planning and prep. I have had to switch things around quite a bit to make it work this week but here is my final plan:

SundaySkinny Taste Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice  

Monday – Chicken Tortilla Soup from the freezer


Tuesday – Spaghetti Dinner at my Aunt’s house to celebrate my Dad and Uncle’s 65th birthday!

WednesdaySkinny Tastes’ Beef Barley Soup – I’ll prep it Tuesday night and throw it all in the slow cooker Wednesday Morning.

Thursday – Left over soup – its girls night as Tim goes to gyro!

Friday – Homemade pizza and salad

IMG_1681 (1)

Saturday – Halloween – Little O is out for a sleep over, we will just wing it 🙂



Toast with PB and Banana – my fav right now!

Cereal with berries



Salad with chicken  – my current favourite – lettuce, spinach, dried cranberries, chicken, and pears. Topped with a Fig Balsamic dressing!

Eggs and spinach and tomatoes

Left overs



Fruit and Plain Greek Yogurt

Cut up veggies and Guacamole

Skinny Taste Apple Nut Bread



Sunday – walk and maybe a bike ride

Monday – Strength A and Bike ride – 60 mins total

Tuesday – Run 60 mins

Wednesday – Strength B and Early Bird Swim

Thursday – 60 min run

Friday – REST!!!

Saturday – 60 min swim with coach Rebecca!

My running partner and I still aim for a run or 2 a week together!
My running partner and I still aim for a run or 2 a week together!

What do you have planned for the week?


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