Fitness Board

Good Evening Fit Fam!!!

See I told you I would be posting more now that my schedule has lightened up and the weather has gotten chillier.

I have had a tough week, I am finding it challenging keep myself motivated without a concrete goal in front of me. Not to mention that i had two HARD weekends of workouts. Marathon week 1 72 km bike ride week 2. This weekend is looking nothing like the past two.

To keep myself motivated earlier this year I created a workout board. A place where I could keep my training schedules, tally sheet of workouts completed in 2015, motivation notes, and a nutritional sheet.


Today I want to share with you how you can make your own at home!

You will need the following:

  • bulletin board
  • tacks
  • training plan (I make my own in google drive)
  • post it notes
  • Sharpy Markers and Hi-lighters

Step one: Find a location for your board where it will be visible. Your board is useless as a motivator if you do not see it each and every day!!! I keep mine in my dining room

Step Two: Print out your training plan


Step Three: Create a 10x 10 grid sheet to check off 100 workouts


Step Four: Tack your training plan and workout counter to your board


Step Five: On brightly coloured pieces of paper or post it notes write out several motivation quotes. Pick ones that help you stay focused and help you reach YOUR GOALS!!!


Step Six: Attached any schedules that you need, I included a pool schedule.

Step Seven: Personalize your board with photos, images, etc.

Step Eight: USE IT – having a board is useless unless you do the workouts, follow your plans and put in the work. Feel proud as you cross off each one!


Do you track your workouts? Where?


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