Triathlon Q&A

Hey There Fit Fam!!!

Happy WEEKEND!!!!

Its just  ONE more sleep until race day!! I have been working hard at not working hard and trying to relax both mentally and physically. I squeezed in one nice longish run, 2 terrific swims, a short brick and lots of R&R.




I am so fortunate to be living near the lake and I have spent a lot of time near or on the water this week. We swam, we sweat it out in the sauna, we jumped off the roof of the houseboat and we enjoyed watching the meteor showers and took in 9 holes of golf! I am truly loving life.

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Last week I received a phone call from the local paper regarding Triathlon. Apparently I am the one to talk to about the subject. I guess my passion is really getting around!

Here is the interview!

Q1 – How long have you been training for the upcoming triathlon? (i.e. How far/often are you running, biking, swimming?)

A1) – I actually started training for this years triathlon last November. I realized that I had a lot of ways to improve and I believe in making fitness a lifestyle. So I starting hitting the pool 2 times a week to improve on my swim. Then in February when I started to focus on half marathon training (Manitoba marathon) I added swim and bike sessions to my routine as part of cross training.

When the half Marathon was over I moved directly into tri training.
A typical week looks like this:
Monday -swim 45 mins
Tuesday– run 1 hour. About 10k
Wednesday– swim 45 mins, bike 45 mins and run 15 mins
Thursday– bike 60 mins about 14 miles
Friday – rest and relax!!
Saturday – long run anywhere from 16 km-28 km. ( also training for my first full marathon)
Sunday– brick workout 60-90min bike the quickly transition to 15-30 min run.

It was an 8 week training plan, but I had a solid base built up from the winter and spring.

Q2-What is your favourite training exercise.

2- A favourite. That’s tough! I have learned to love the swim! I have a new wet suit which really keeps me buoyant and helps me to be faster! I feel that the swim is often my most relaxing of all the workouts.

Q3 – Leading up to the race, do you alter your diet at all? What foods you find helpful when training for an event like this?

A3) Nutrition is very important in Endurance sports. Most people think that I should be able to eat whatever I want. But that’s simple not true. Food isn’t just food it’s fuel! I focus on whole grain carbs. – lots of them! Fruits veggies and lean protein! I try to follow a “diet” from the book racing weight. It has great recipes geared towards endurance athletes. Hydration is also important when training in the heat. I often add a hydration supplement like Vega electrolyte hydrator. Or Nuun electrolytes to compensate for all my sweating! I also need to eat during workouts. I like Vega Energy bars. They are healthy and keep me going, also easy to eat on the bike or run. Running out of energy would be a bad thing!

Q4 – Last year was your first time competing in the triathlon. What did you learn from that experience? Will you change your approach in any way?

A4) I learned so much! I learned I was capable of so much more than I had previously thought. I learned I have many ways to improve! I started swimming in the fall. And bought myself a road bike and indoor trainer so I can bike all winter long. I love this sport, I love diversity. It makes me feel amazing and proud when I finish a tough workout!

Q5 – Do you have a personal goal for this year’s triathlon?

A6) Goal of course I have goals. I am a goal junkie lol
I want to finish the entire distance with a smile on my face!
I would love to finish under 330.

Either way the best part of trying something new. It’s an automatic PR!

Q6 – What advice would you give someone considering participating in the Triathlon?

A6) My advice. Just try it!!! Also you don’t need to be excellent at all three disciplines! Just train and work and know that even if one area is weak you can make up the deficit in another area. And most importantly. Have FUN! It’s not the Olympics. It’s just getting out being active and improving on yourself. I was terrified last year. Now It’s my passion! Just believe!!

Have a great Weekend!

Are you racing??


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