Trial Triathlon

Hey There FitFam!!

I am pretty excited to share a post about today’s workout!

My training plan had a 1:30 bike and a 30 min run scheduled for today. When the local Triathlon Club scheduled an open water swim practice I thought it might be an excellent opportunity for a Trial Triathlon.

This is how it all played out!

My Buddy Mike picked Tim, Devon and I up in his truck this morning. He even took the time to create a special bike rack to transport our bikes to the beach in the back of his truck!



We met our friend Richard and his family at Rahill beach for our swim practice. The water was ROUGH!!! Further out from the beach there were serious white caps. Luckily the wind was coming from the northwest and the bay was a bit sheltered. That doesn’t mean that it was an easy swim, but it was at least safe.


We suited up in our wet suits and set out into the water. The water was still warm, which was a bit of a bonus as the air was pretty chilly. Tim and Rich are seasoned swimmers, having swam competitively as kids, and they swam the 800 m with relative ease. Mike prefers breast stroke, which was a real asset in the waves. Devon and I struggled. I could not get my groove and felt really panicky in the water. The key to relaxed swimming is to be able to blow bubbles under the water. I was unable to relax at all as I kept holding my breath 😦


Still we plugged away and swam to the red marker and back. As we approached Devon said exactly what I was thinking … “I am going to touch that Effing Marker”. We did  just that.

The swim back was much easier as the wind and waves carried us back to shore.

Once the Swim was complete, we stripped out of our wet suits, towelled off and hit the bikes. It wasn’t a quick transition, but it was still a swim to bike move. The whole transition took less than 10 mins.


My plan for the bike was to ride from the beach to the lights in Red Lake, we only have one set of traffic lights in the whole community! Then ride out to Flat Lake road and home.

I started out really quickly! Moving quite easily. Tim greased my chain today and I feel that made a difference. I moved quickly with a lot of nice downhills until I hit about 6 miles into the ride. Once I passed Esker Logging things got rough. The wind was blowing and traffic was pretty heavy making my ride HARD and scary. A couple times the wind really got a hold of my bike!

I felt that refuelling while riding wouldn’t be very safe, so I stopped a few times to drink and eat my Vega Energy Bar.

Once back in Red Lake, I decided to take a spin down main street so I could start the last portion of my ride at the “triathlon starting line” to give it an authentic feel. The WIND kicked my butt on the way to Madsen and the hills on the way out are pretty steep!


Finally I reached Flat Lake road, ate more Vega Bar, Drank my Nuun and headed for home.

With the wind at my back the ride home was a bit easier, although the gusts still pushed me around and I wasn’t able to take full advantage of the downhills in fear of wrecking!



At home I attempted a quick transition but I seriously had to pee!! Then Olivia need a drink and a snack, and my mother in law stopped in for a visit.

I sucked back a GU, grabbed Lily and her leash (haven’t been able to run with her lately.) My legs felt like lead and my foot was searing with pain. I was pretty certain I had an injury, but being the stubborn woman that I am I continued. As with most runs, especially runs following bike rides, things settled out, the pain disappeared and I found my groove after 2 miles. I ran  a total of 3.3 miles at a 10 min mile pace, Lily had to pee a few too many times. I feel that I had enough juice to continue for a few more miles, but my smarticle particles told me to stick with the plan!


Workout Breakdown:

SWIM 800m 20 ish minutes

BIKE 40Km 1:45

RUN 3.3 miles 33 mins


How I recover after my workout is just as important as the workout its self. I immediately showered and ate a light lunch. I put on my comfiest clothes and put on my compression calf sleeves. I spent the afternoon napping on the couch.

IMG_7939 IMG_8282

This evening I had a HOT bath with Epsom salts followed by some light stretching and rolling out sore spots.



I feel pretty good. My bike was slower than I hoped but I also ran 17 hard miles yesterday. I know that I will be better recovered for my official Triathlon in 2 weeks time.

I had a pretty serious talk with myself as I climbed the Madsen Hill, locals will understand just how long and steep of a hill it is. I told myself to stay strong, that although the swim was rough I didn’t give up and even though my legs were dead and the hill was hard, I WAS DOING IT! I didn’t give in for even one second, I PUSHED through and that is what sets me apart!

I believe it takes a lot of courage along with mental and physical toughness to train hard for both a triathlon and marathon. I am pretty proud of my recent accomplishment!

How was your weekend? Any big training moments??


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