Fitness Friday – Training Update!!!

Hey There FitFam!!

Happy Friday!

Fridays are always my rest day and today I am feeling the need for a lot of extra rest. My body is TIRED, so rather than run errands and catch up on chores I am plunking my butt down in a deck chair and am choosing to write a blog post.

If my old self, could see me now  she would never have guessed that I would be sitting here writing about my current training for BOTH and Olympic distance triathlon AND a FULL Marathon. The old me would say “but you don’t swim, bike or run”. Let alone do those things for dozens of kilometres all in the same day.



  • Triathlon Training Rocks – I love the diversity, the accomplishment, and the fun in training for triathlon. I know that if I were only running I would grow bored quickly and most likely be suffering from over use injuries. Having a different workout each day really keeps me motivated!
  • IMG_7808
  • Good Equipment Matters – I love my new bike and I really love having a trainer. When the rains come, and it has been raining often I do not need to skip or modify my workout. I just plunk my bike on the trainer and I peddle away!
  • IMG_8038
  • Support Makes a World of Difference – The Hubs has been kind enough to provide my running crew with water each and every long run. Without him we would struggle to carry enough water to last 15 plus miles. Our amazing friend, Donny, lets us swim each and every weekend off his dock at the end of our long runs, he too is kind enough to provide us with cold drinks and a warm smile.
  • IMG_7980
  • Having Training Partners is AWESOME – The miles seem to tick away when you have fun friends to chat with, and having speedy friends keeps pushing me forward. There have been a few workouts that I might of skipped or delayed due to crummy weather, but Mike and Devon keep me accountable! An ADDED bonus is having people to celebrate personal milestones with, passing 13.1 for the first time was really awesome and I am glad to have had them to share it with.
  • IMG_7837
  • Triathlon training takes a whole lot of mental muscle – I need to plan workouts to fit 3 sports, brick workouts are HARD, fuelling on the bike is tricky, and don’t even get me started on switching gear… I have yet to practice wetsuit off and bike gear on!
  • Marathon training takes mental courage – You learn A LOT about what you are made of during a 3 hour run. While tri training takes coordination, marathon training is simple – ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER, but coaxing my brain and body to do that isn’t so easy.
  • Positive thinking and mantras are KEY – heat, hills, bugs, and fatigue can easily derail my mental status. I stay positive by writing a key word on my hand and repeating personal mantras to myself.
  • Nutrition – it isn’t just important before and during a workout its crucial afterwards. Two weeks ago, I tried to be SUPERMOM and quickly showered and went out to a festival with Miss O after a 16 mile run. I failed to refuel and rest properly. I was a MESS the entire day!!
  • IMG_8032

As I approach my first OLY TRI – 16 days away, and am entering the second half of Full Marathon training – 65 days!! I am happy to say that I feel as though my training has been successful. I am enjoying my workouts more often than not, and have a WHOLE new sense of accomplishment.  Almost every weekend results in a PR 🙂




How is your training? Any Major accomplishments?

Any Advice??


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