Breaking the Rules

Hey there FitFam,

I know, I know, I  haven’t written in a really long time. I just have not felt motivated to write lately. I was tired of the same old posts and wanted to write something new that meant something to me.

A lot has happened in the last month. I nailed a SWEET PR in my June Half Marathon. I gave it my all and finished in 2:01. I was pushing hard for a sub 2 hr finish, I even came in before the 2 hr pace bunny, but he must have started after me. Although it was a 10 min PR I still feel like I failed 😦


Moving on …. I am in Triathlon – Full Marathon training mode. I eat sleep, read and think training. I am loving my new wet suit and hit the lake as often as I can. I have also reached a whole new level of running as I surpass my previous distance records. I am lucky to have a whole crew to train with theses days not just one running partner! Life couldn’t be better.


On to breaking of the rules.

I have come to realize lately that I totally DISLIKE GENDER RULES and really feel their pressure. Maybe its living in a small town but I am pretty darn tired of gender laws ruling my life!

The older I get (yup just had a birthday too) and more I venture out in life the more I realize that I do not want to fit into any silly category about what is acceptable. I have never been a girlie girl, and like that I don’t fit the mould of average!

Here’s what I have noticed!

  • People will make a big deal and question you when your training partner is a MAN.
  • Guys can run half naked but a woman in a sports bra creates chatter.
  • Married women and married men being friends is a big deal to some.
  • Its more socially acceptable for men to get together for drinks than women. And don’t even get me started about when a man and a women get together!! YIKES!!!
  • More women run had marathons or run in general – 61% female
  • More Men participate in Triathlon 60.5%
  • Girls are supposed to like Zumba and pilates while men lift weights.
  • Girls are afraid to train in the gym.
  • Grey hair on a man sexy; on a women unsightly. Grrr!!!

I say SHOVE IT to these silly rules

  • I WILL participate in all kinds of activities: running, triathlon, weights and crosswim!
  • I work a female dominate job all winter and a male dominated job all summer.
  • I WILL be friends with whom ever I wish and train with anyone who can keep up!
  • I WILL not be afraid to train in short shorts and a sports bra.
  • I WILL always order Whiskey over wine!
  • I WILL continue to push the limits and believe that I can do anything!
  • I WILL continue to love all sorts of activities from baking and reading to tournament fishing!
  • I WILL always choose a bacon cheeseburger over chicken breasts at a BBQ (edited specifically for you Wendy – down with Chicken)





How do you feel about gender rules? Are you a Girlie girl??


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