Five Things Friday!

Hey there FitFam,

First off I have to apologize for being so absent. I just noticed that I have not posted since May!! And its nearly the middle of June! My training has kicked it up a notch and frankly I have been too tired to do much else. Its basically work, train, clean, parent, and hit the couch for this Mama!

IMG_7276 IMG_7403

I thought 5 Things Friday would be a fun way to catch you up with whats new in my life!

1) 10K PRs and New Speedy paces! Mike and I have been killing in out on the roads. Since  started this training program I have dropped my 10K time 2X last fall my 10 k PR on my Nike app was 1:04 On May 30th it fell to 54:57  my 5K was 26:59  – totally new!! On June 2nd records fell big time! 10K 54:34 5K 26.25 fastest mile 8:22 and fastest KM 5:06!!! I never even dreamed of running like this!


2) New foods! I have really been using the Racing Weight Cookbook to try new recipes. i have made homemade Chicken Souvlaki and tzatzki sauce, we all loved it! And just last  night I got bold, I got daring, i made BEETS! I know I know not all that crazy, but for me it was a veggie I had always ben afraid of trying. I roasted them with carrots and really really liked them! They apparently have all kinds of awesomeness for endurance athletes so they will be frequenting my meal plan a little more often.


3) Water – after tonights run/walk my legs were toast so while I let Lily swim I dunked my legs into the lake. I tell ya if I had a towel with me I would have jumped right in. The temperatures were high and the water felt AMAZING!! I plan my first open water swim to be this weekend out at my Aunt’s Fishing Camp!


4) Crazy steps – Today after my run and walk I looked at my GARMIN VIVOFIT and I realized that I stood at roughly 28000 steps, well I couldn’t end the day that close to a new milestone, so lily and I went for a short 0.9 (that totally bugs me) run to reach 30000 steps, in one day!! That was working all day, running 1,1 miles with my school run club kids, walking with grade 4/5 to the park, running with Liz – a new run friend, walking the dog to the lake and then my last 0.9 mile jaunt! My Garmin says 15 miles !! Can you believe that!! I can’t!!


5) AMRFYS – I recently joined the TRIBE! Another Mother Runner has created their very first Marathon Challenge in conjunction with Saucony Find Your Strong. While I will be running my first marathon this October in Minneapolis, others are veteran runners with many races under their belt. The training plan looks fantastic, the support is amazing and the swag is pretty darn fantastic. I look forward to spending the next 16 weeks with these awesome mother runners and even meeting a few in Twin Cities!!


What’s NEW in your LIFE??


One thought on “Five Things Friday!

  1. Your progress is amazing! You must feel so good right now, or really really tired 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing about your open water swim.

    Have a wonderful weekend Jennifer!


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