Hi there,

I woke up this morning after having a terrible night’s sleep. Tim caught Olivia’s pukey flu bug and I wanted to give him a good night’s rest, so I attempted to sleep on the couch. I failed miserably. I dragged my butt to bed around 4 am for a few hours of rest.

Around 8 I tried to make my family a lovely pancakes breakfast. I started the bacon and then proceeded to make pancakes. I was out of cottage cheese and egg whites, needed for Racing Weight pancakes, so I searched for a new oatmeal pancake recipe. I found one quickly but goofed up and added too many eggs. They tasted horrible. So I tossed them, please don’t judge me on food wastage.

I started over with my traditional pancake recipe but ran out of whole wheat flour and berries  so I  had to settle for plain white boring pancakes.

Then as I sat down to breakfast with miss O I noticed the bacon tasted funny, but didn’t pay too much attention, as I was already feeling pretty miserable. Luckily Olivia opted out of bacon after tasting it because as it turned out the bacon had expired 5 days ago. UGH!!!

After quickly cleaning up my mess, I dragged my tired, sore, cranky ass back to bed and laid there for a few hours.

Finally around 1:30 pm I met with my running partner for our weekly long run. We had 7 progressive miles on tap. We had delayed the run due to the ridiculous weather. – i.e -2C this morning.

Dressed in warm clothes and my NEW 2XU calf sleeves and my Twin cities Marathon in training Tee – Training officially starts June 1 and today was close enough for me! We set out.


Mike typically bikes the 2 miles to my house and as usual he was already warmed up and ready to go. I usually have to rein him back in from his sub 9 min mile pace, but today I ran with it. It was challenging and fast and we ran a very speedy kick ass run!! Although the pace pushed me it wasn’t really hard at all, I was more than capable of chatting the entire 7.23 miles!


Here is a run down:

Mile 1: – 9:18

Mile 2 – 9:03

Mile 3 – 8:50

Mile 4 – 8:39

Mile 5 – 8:42

Mile 6 – 8:43

Mile 7 – 8:55 – there is a massive hill in the last 0.5 mile

A New PR for my 10K when I started out with this training period my time was 59 mins and that was several years ago. Today that record fell once again!


These paces are NOT paces that I have EVER managed before. These paces were completely out of my league, Mike has slowly pulled me out of my comfort zone and into a whole new realm of Badass Running !!

The entire route had hills  – about 8 climbs in total. Luckily our race is as flat as a pancake. I am truly rethinking my goals. Next week’s 10 miler will really help me decide on a goal race pace.

There are several factors that will affect me keeping this crazy awesome pace:

Weather – the heat is not my friend when it comes to racing, todays cold was perfect running weather.

Food – Food is fuel and I won’t be at home, however todays fuel was terrible and I still nailed it.

Water stops – we ran today without stopping, this obviously won’t happen during the race, Ill have to make water and fuel stops particularly if its hot. I cannot run and drink so that will slow me slightly.

Racing Alone – I am so much faster with my favourite running buddy, but Mike is aiming for 1:45 race finish and I definitely do not want to hold him back. I have been there when I was ready to go and my partner was not. Although she was awesome I did feel guilty about leaving her and Mike is too much of a gentleman to leave me behind.

The rest of my day was just about  perfect,  dinner with my dad, a walk with the dog and now a movie with Tim and Rebecca, I love how a terrific run can totally change my day around. I am still smiling inside and out!

IMG_7140 IMG_7141 IMG_7143

What is your typical race pace? Are you speedy? Have you always been speedy??


2 thoughts on “Speedy!!

  1. I have never been a fast runner. I’m quite slow… I may even have a faster walking pace 😉 but you are inspiring me to push myself a little harder each run! I’ll let you know how I make out.


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