Friday 5 – My Favourite Fitness Gadgets

Happy Friday #FitFam

I hope you had a lovely week! I unfortunately had a pretty sick munchkin and stayed home with her for 2 days. I felt bad for my little cutie but it did allow me to get caught up on my housework.

I am linking up today with the FRIDAY 5 LADIES – Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney. I have chosen to use the #dishthefit topic from Jessica and Jill, as I missed their linkup earlier this week.



1) My Garmin Vivofit – I am certain I have shared my love for this watch with you before, but it is truly FANTASTIC. It counts my steps, counts down from my goal – which changes daily to accommodate my current level of activity, Keeps track of my calories burned, my heart rate, and shows me the time. Everywhere I go people are commenting on it and asking about it. Plus I feel pretty badass when I can see that I have taken over 20 000 steps in a day!


2) Nike Run App – I use this app on each and every run. It calculates my distance, pace and splits. I love that I can easily go back and track my run history to see all my awesome progress!


3) Kinetic Power Computer – This little gadget keeps me on track during ALL my bike rides, indoors and out. It measures my power, distance, and speed. I love seeing my MAX speed and my average pace. It keeps me motivated on hard rides.


4) My Training Plans – Ok these are not gadgets or apps, they are totally old school pieces of paper. But I LOVE having a print out of my training plan so I can cross off the workouts as I go. I love being able to see what’s coming up in the week as well.


5)Gymboss Interval Timer – The Gymboss is GREAT. I personally have both the App and the actual timer. I use it for Tabata Training and for run/walk intervals. I would not be the runner I am today if it were not for my run/walk intervals in the beginning. I recommend it to all my new running friends.


Do you have a favourite tool or app? I recently downloaded the Run Zombie App after reading about in through the #dishthefit Link Up.  i am looking forward to seeing what it will add to my runs.


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