I’m still kicking ….

Hey There Fit Fam!

Yup I am still alive way up here in Northern Canada. I have been working hard, training hard and enjoying the lovely Spring weather!!


I am very proud and excited to announce that last night I reached a major milestone for 2105. I completed 100 workouts!!


Here is a recap of the last few workout!

Sunday – 9 mile run in the rain and the cold (told you that already!)


Monday – X 3 MMX and X3 Yoga – This left me SORE for DAYS!!!!


Tuesday – 7 mile speedy run with Mike. Followed by a family bike ride.


Wednesday – Crosswim – It was my favourite workout by far. The circuit was simple but challenging!


Thursday  –  5 mile easy run, I ran a wee bit with Tim.


Friday – REST DAY – walk and ice cream with Olivia


Saturday – VERY VERY HOT HARD LONG 10 Miles. I struggled the entire run. I honestly didn’t think I would even complete it. However, I felt terrific the remainder of the day and the next day.


I also did a short set of:

3 times:

10 squats

10 push ups

10 dips

10 lunges each leg


Sunday – Late quickie 800m swim. My 100th workout!! Boo Ya!!! So glad I didn’t skip it and trust me it was hard after a fun day in the sun and a yummy meal. Can you believe I didn’t even take a photo 😦

We also had a terrific weekend! with family and friends. I had dinner with my dad, went out with friends on Saturday.

This stuff is like crack!!
This stuff is like crack!!

Sunday we enjoyed a MAGNIFICENT day of Fishing with Mike and had a yummy fish fry with friends and family in the evening.

My lovely little fisher girl!!

I capped this all off with the very best RIDE of my life! We cruised down highway 105 and managed 14.5 miles in 59 mins!!!  My bike was flying and I enjoyed all the fresh air.


I am truly LOVING my life right now!! Here’s to 100 more workouts whether they be fast, slow, hard, easy, awesome or down right difficult!


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