Checking In…

Hey There,

its a crummy, cold Holiday Monday, and I have been pretty darn productive. The laundry is done, the floors and walls have been cleaned and I snuck in two terrific workouts.


It was far too cold and snowy to get  a bike ride done and I was feeling highly unmotivated. So I chose one of my FAVOURITE X3 workouts MMX – 30 mins of kick boxing! I love the adrenaline rush that comes with such an intense workout. I followed MMX with X3 Yoga. This left me feeling very relaxed!

IMG_6929 IMG_6950

These workouts had me thinking and re-evaluating my current situation.

Am I on track still to be reaching my goals??

What needs tweaking?

The Good:

Training – I am right on target with  my training, rarely missing any workout and often going the extra mile to get it done.


Speed – I have increased my run speed significantly.

Swimming – I am always swimming double the required time to get at least 1200-1600 m swims in the pool.


Hills – All my outdoor workouts involve hills, which really push the limits in a workout.

Nutrition – I am still focusing on carbs and protein. I am getting plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables each and every day!


Supplements – I have been taking my vitamins regularly. They really help with energy levels.

What Needs Improvement:

Foam rolling and Stretching – I neglect this area significantly!! After a long hard workout I just don’t have much left in me energy wise or time wise for anything more.

Water – Coffee has taken over my life 😦


Sleep – I am feeling slightly shortened on my sleep.

Writing – My blogging is lacking, I have stopped all but my Believe journalling and I am truly missing this outlet and connection to my followers and myself.

Sugar snacking – yup I still love my coffee, and cookies, and chocolate, and cake. OH MY!!!

What I plan to do about it!

The whole point of looking at myself is to make the necessary adjustments to get where I want to be.

Foam Rolling and stretching – I pledge to foam roll and stretch each evening while watching Netflix. The girls are done all their activities and I know i can take 10 – 30 mins each night to stretch, foam roll and eve sneak in a little strength training. I could easily add a Tabata of pushups, squats, lunges, and tricep dips.


Water and coffee – For every cup of Joe I enjoy I will drink 16 oz of water first.


Sleep – I will go to bed 10-15 mins earlier each night to start.

Writing – Oh boy, This one will probably still be left to the back burner. I need to get my nutrition and workouts where they need to be first. Its not ideal but I need to prioritize.

Sugar Snacking – I stopped buying Chocolate Bark Thins and stocked up on fresh fruit and veggies.

Have you looked at yourself closely lately?? What needs improving? Are you on track to meeting your goals??

To keep me accountable I will add a check in to my regular weekend posts. 🙂


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