Friday 5 – Fitness Love!

Hey There #Fitfam!!

Its Friday, and I have a crazy busy day ahead of me! I am helping to coordinate a thank you lunch for our school’s awesome Breakfast Club volunteers. Five days a week community members come into our school to make and serve breakfast to more than 25 students. Some days its cereal and fruit, other days its a full on hot meal like french toast and fruit. Once a week a very dedicated education assistant heats and serves a homemade hot lunch to 50 or more of our amazing students. This program is FREE to each and every student no questions asked and is greatly appreciated by the staff, students and parents. Tomorrow I have my chance to give back and say a huge THANK YOU to those dedicated volunteers.

After our lunch we will host our monthly certificate ceremony at school to show some Raven’s Pride and let our kids know that their efforts matter and that their HARD WORK is recognized by the staff. We recognize students attendance, their participation in school activities and sometimes we give a very SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to kids who are going over and above. This ceremony allows the students to celebrate the hard work of themselves and their peers.

I am also linking up This Friday with the AMAZING Friday Five gals, Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia. These awesome, dedicated athletes and bloggers host a weekly link up with a fun blog post suggestion!

This week’s Blog Prompt is:


friday 5 love

1) Getting out there – The main way I show my love for running, biking, and swimming is that I actually participate in Running,biking and swimming!! Locals can see me out there on the roads working up a sweat, kicking butt on a daily basis. I doubt anyone would be surprised to learn that I am a fitness fanatic.


2) Getting others involved – I am constantly INVITING others to join me in my workouts. I offer a carpool to the pool every Wednesday and invite my Facebook friends join me on the occasional workout. I share my LOVE for working out by inviting others to join me 🙂 I also like encouraging others to set their own goals, I have some how convinced 2 non runners and a former runner to run a spring 10K and a fantastic runner, my training partner Mike, a non racer to join me in the Manitoba Half Marathon.


3) Social Media – If you have seen my Instagram account you will certainly know about my LOVE and  PASSION for multisport activity. I post a photo of nearly every workout! I LOVE sharing my LOVE of my workouts – good, bad or freaking fantastic with the WORLD. Social media has allowed me to do just that. It has also given me the opportunity to “meet” others that share my passion. Other than Instagram and twitter I also share my love on Facebook, all be it a little less there. I have learned, the hard way, that not everyone shares my love and therefore started to choose my audience a little more carefully.  I have a fitness specific Facebook page and several workout groups that I shout about my workouts from the roof tops.


4) Clothing choices – yes this may sound a little silly, but if you see me on a regular basis you won’t be surprised to see that I LOVE being active. I most often wear race t-shirts, ambassador gear, or flashy sneakers! My peers certainly know that it isn’t FASHION that I love, but running, biking and swimming. 


5) Ambassador Groups – I am a member of several sporty, active living Ambassador Groups. I am am proud member of SWEAT PINK, THE MERMAID CLUB, FIT FLUENTIAL and GIRLS GONE SPORTY!!!. I wear their clothing, share their products and mantras, promote their contests and challenges. I # the heck out of my Instagram images. I am SUPER PROUD to be part of these groups who motivate and encourage others to BE ACTIVE, EAT HEALTHY,  AND LIVE WELL!!  By belonging I share my LOVE for Fitness with a very large base!


How do you share your LOVE of FITNESS??


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