Short Runs, Long Runs, and Running to the Bathroom

Hey There Fit Fam,

Are you enjoying your Saturday??

I am having a delightful Saturday, although a busy one! I completed my longest run for this training cycle – 10 miles, watched Emily’s Dance Recital, took the kiddos out for a treat at Tim Horton’s, had a short nap, ate a delightful BBQ dinner and soaked in an epsom salts bath!

My beautiful dancer at her year end show #activekids

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My Long Run went off without a hitch, more or less. I am very happy to say that I have found myself a rocking running partner. Mike G is one of Tim’s buddies and we have gotten to know each other a little bit of the years. We always chat about of our love of running over cocktails and promise to get together for a run. Our schedules have finally synced and Mike has joined me on my last 2 runs. Mike runs a whole heck of a lot faster than I do (8 min miles!!!!). But he was willing to meet my pace. He has really helped me hit a great comfortable pace and my last 2 runs have been awesome! Today’s 10 miler had a 10:21 pace with that number being a little slower than our true average because we chose to walk to eat my Vega bar and walked the very last large hill. My Half Marathon in June is completely flat, so I am certain I can stick to faster paces there. I realize after analyzing my run data that I am really all over the place with my pace, I hope that it is a reflection of the hilly route we chose.


My short run this past Thursday was terrific as well. The sun was shining a I got to test out my NEW Lululemon running skirt! I LOVE IT!! Its light, comfortable and looks pretty darn cute! I held a decent pace that run too, 10:14, which is faster than my current HMGP. Looks like Coach and I need to re- evaluate my goals!


My current LIFETIME Half Marathon Goal is of course the elusive sub 2 hr half marathon. My last PR was 2:11. I really think if I keep working really hard that a 2:05 is quite possible this June! Manitoba is EXTREMELY FLAT and Red Lake is anything but flat. Hill training is helping me build strong, powerful legs!

Running to the Bathroom – This was not fun, not at all. Since this blog is all about being honest, its only right to share this as well. I had to miss a run 😦 I was pretty disappointed sniff sniff! But Tuesday the only running I could manage was to the bathroom. I don’t need to go into details, but there was NO WAY I could go for a  real run. So Sadly I had to miss one of my training runs. Luckily by the next evening I was well enough to manage Crosswim – no code browns had to be called! lol

Here is a Breakdown of my week’s workouts:

Sunday – 1500m swim


Monday – 45 min bike ride


Tuesday – Nada

Wednesday – Crosswim – 1300m and a ton of Plyo lower body moves


Thursday – 5 mile run

Friday – rest day (Jump Rope for Heart at school – so a little jumping rope, and I was on my feet all night at the dance recital opening and closing the curtains – excellent upper body workout!)

Saturday – 10 mile Long Run!

Bonus – the Ice is almost of the main lake, all the little lakes are open!!



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